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Old car tires can be divided into a few major classes according to the purpose. It can be installed on the cars of different power, and for city, road, or soil type roads. Some models have features that allow you to use them in all of those cases, however, there are quite a few. This review focuses on tires Toyo Proxes T1 Sport. Official information and feedback from drivers who have been using this model will help determine whether or not to install it on your car and in what conditions it manifests itself best.

Brief about the model and manufacturer

Produced considering well-known Japanese rubber manufacturer, well-established over the years and cooperating with many automobile brands. So special tires produced by the Japanese used in world rally competitions. Ordinary rubber within the stores, often refers to the premium segment and intended to be installed on expensive cars with powerful engine and the opportunity to develop a high speed. Reviews about summer tire Toyo Proxes T1 Sport show that they are also worthy to occupy a strong position in this list.

Toyo tires Proxes T1 Sport

This model is not an exception. It is specially designed for high-speed driving on highways with good pavement, which is evident from the prefixes “Sport” in the title. With this purpose, the rubber gave high high-speed indexes, as well as the ability to withstand a large load with a sharp start and braking. Dimensional grid also turned out to be quite large — available in internal diameter from 15 to 23 inches, which confirms the possibility of use not only in cars with a sedan, but SUVs and crossovers. However, looking ahead, it is worth noting that for travel off-road tires Toyo Proxes T1 Sport is not intended, as evidenced by the very form of her protector.


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Expands the possibilities of choice of more than 180 sizes, each offering a different width of the working surface and the height profile. Since bus bars are not only practical, but also beautiful, the user has the opportunity to choose the variation which will maximally stress the uniqueness of his car.

Features of the tread pattern

As the framework was adopted classic design with asymmetric shape of the arrangement of the main work items. He established himself as low noise, but very practical option.

The Main task of the designers was to preserve the maximum area of contact spots, with no loss of dynamic characteristics and strength of the tire. This was achieved through the use of summer tyres Toyo Proxes T1 Sport continuous center rib that provides directional stability and control for small maneuvers, as well as the strength of the whole structure and its resistance to deformation during additional stress. Rib, located on either side of it, improve the quality of coupling with the track while overcoming sharper cornering at speed, as well as emergency maneuvering.

Toyo Proxes T1 Sport on the disc

Lateral tread elements, in turn, provide the rigidity of the tyre and protect it from damage which may occur when driving on poor road surfaces. They are responsible for shock resistance, for example, on the tram rails. Considering that many tires in the lineup Toyo Proxes T1 Sport are low profile, this feature is rather the vital necessity of protecting from damage the rubber, but the rims.

Grid slats and its functionality

When driving on dry clean asphalt the objective of the lamellae is only the formation of additional grip edges that provide confident acceleration and braking. However, during the rain they have a lot more work. On how effectively the given moisture from the contact patch, affects the traffic safety. If the water will be directly under the working surface of the tyre, the car can “go” because of the effect of aquaplaning. To avoid this, using a computer had calculated the optimum location of the segments.

As a result, the tyre Toyo Proxes T1 Sport can effectively get rid of excess moisture, prevent confident movement. Four large furrows located on either side of the axial ribs, is able to temporarily fit within, and to redirect a large amount of fluid and dirt. Slotted in the side blocks of the slats allow you to effectively get rid of it squeezed out to the sides beyond the tires.

the working surface of the Toyo Proxes T1 Sport

The rubber Composition

To turned rubber wear-resistant and durable, the manufacturer has used a special chemical formula which allows you to save the need to move the level of softness, but at the same time to reduce abrasive wear to a minimum. It includes well-known components, including silicic acid, which bind all the components with each other, but it does not affect the softness.

Wear Toyo Proxes T1 Sport

Extra strength managed to get not only because of the rubber itself, but also through the use of enhanced court. In the result, the sidewall having a circular shape, are stiffer, and according to owner reviews on Toyo Proxes T1 Sport rubber responds better to the control even in the versions with a high profile.

The best type of pavement

As mentioned above, this model can be attributed to sports, so it feels excellent on the slopes with a hard surface, whether asphalt or concrete. However, if you often travel on unpaved roads, it is better to refrain from purchase of these tires because they are unable to surprise their characteristics. The soil, especially blurred, is for them a serious obstacle. If you install them on a SUV, remember this fact.

Toyo Proxes T1 Sport BMW

Positive feedback about the model

It's time to perform owner reviews on Toyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV to understand how good it is in real conditions, and not in the tests from the manufacturer or major car publications. Among the positive aspects, many drivers have identified the following:

  • Confident behaviour on a dry track. Regarding the handling, acceleration and braking the drivers do not raise any issues — rubber more than obedient and fulfills its value.
  • Good resistance to aquaplaning. Even if you happen to fly in a puddle at speed, the tires will be able to withstand such a challenge, retaining reasonable control and not allowing the car to break in the Bank.
  • High strength and wear resistance. surely the Manufacturer gives a good warranty on the tires, because they actually hurt when driving is quite difficult, and they can survive a major physical impact.
  • Perfect ambulaverunt. After installation, no additional weights are often either not needed, or installed in minimum quantities.

As you can see, the rubber is actually pretty good, but it has also some disadvantages, which should not be overlooked.

Aesthetics Toyo Proxes T1 Sport

Negative feedback

The Main disadvantage of the model, many drivers called bad behavior in the track, but this is not surprising, because it is intended for roads with a perfect finish, and find it quite difficult. Some note a rather high level of acoustic noise, which, however, often disappears after proper break-in during the first 1000 km. In the rest of the critical systematic complaints from drivers not.


The Model described in this review, is well suited for those who have a good car and strive to achieve not only safe to drive, but also aesthetic beauty. Toyo Proxes T1 Sport are able to endure most of the summer weather conditions and well managed on a busy pavement, and in urban mode. However, for trips outside the city on unpaved roads it is not intended, and it is better not to risk it, because there is a real chance to get stuck on the ground, especially if it will be rolled out after the rain.

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