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«Mazda» is a very popular brand in the Russian market. One of the most sought-after models – “Ksedos 9”. The car belongs to the business class and mass-produced from ' 92 to 2002. The car was delivered not only to the European market but also in USA and United Arab Emirates. For which he received “Mazda Ksedos 9" of such recognition? Overview of Japanese sedan – further in our article.


Even now, after more than 20 years, this car looks solid. The machine is endowed with original optics and a raised hood. At the bottom of the bumper has a cutout for lyzovanie fog lights. Slightly above is the band with the Blinker. Radiator grille with chrome surround and logo of the company. From the side the car looks very powerful due to the long wheel base and “heavy” arches. Mazda ksedos 9The standard equipment the car was equipped, with 15-inch alloy wheels with a high profile. However, the arch is so large that it can easily fit 18-inch wheels. With them the car looks more presentable.

Dimensions, ground clearance

Judging by the size of the body, this is a real "barge". So, the length of the car is 4,83 meters, width-1,77 m, height-1.4 meters. The car has a long wheelbase of 2.75 meters, along with low clearance (only 12 inches on factory wheels) does not allow to easily overcome road irregularities. The car is designed only for smooth roads. At the slightest pits he immediately touches the bottom. Perhaps this is the only disadvantage of the Japanese sedan of a business class.


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Interior «Mazda» looks very cozy and luxurious. The sedan has a flowing, restrained lines on the front panel. Velour seats with good lateral support. Also for the driver and passenger in the front seat an the armrest. But the width of it is enough that the elbows do not touch each other. The car has a very spacious interior. In terms of comfort «Mazda Ksedos 9” is a sure competition to the German «Mercedes» 210-m body. The quality of acoustic insulation on top, even after such a long time. engine Mazda ksedos 9Even talking about "Mazda Ksedos 9" reviews? Owners praise the quality of the finish. Velour interior is very durable, not torn or soiled for a long time. The car has all the necessary niches and adjustment. However, the steering column is not adjustable in hight. But this disadvantage is more than kompensiruet a wide range of settings the driver's seat. Every detail in the cabin underscores the status of this car. The machine has a high running smoothness and ergonomics.


The Range of power units is represented by three petrol engines with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. The base for the "Mazda Ksedos 9» the engine had volume in 1995 cubic centimeters. This 6-cylinder unit with multipoint injection developed a capacity of 146 horsepower at 6 thousand revolutions. Peak torque - 176 Nm. Despite the fact that this is the basic motor, it differed good appetite. The momentum indicators for those years was more than worthy. So, acceleration to hundreds took about 10.7 seconds. Maximum speed – 203 kilometers per hour. In terms of fuel consumption, this unit was the most economical. So, in the urban cycle it consumes 11 liters per 100 kilometers. On the track – was 6.3. Mazda ksedos 9 reviewsMore expensive versions «Mazda Ksedos 9” was equipped with an engine with a volume of 2255 cubic centimeters. This V-shaped engine capacity of 170 horsepower. With him «Mazda Ksedos 9” were dispersed to hundred in 9 and a half seconds. Maximum speed was 220 miles per hour. Fuel consumption in the urban cycle – about 12 and a half litres. On the highway the figure was 6.8 litres.

To Top «Mazda Ksedos” is the 2.5-liter engine that delivers 214 horsepower. The dynamics are excellent, say reviews owners. The first hundred machine dialed in just 8,6 seconds. Maximum speed – 235 kilometers per hour. Even now, this motor is able to give odds to modern TSI and TFSI-engines. automatic transmission Mazda ksedos 9Now let us turn to the disadvantages. Reviews say that this is the “greedy” the motor in the lineup. For a hundred kilometers around the city he spends exactly 14 gallons in your passport. On the highway, consumption drops to 7.7. The owners say that the reason for that is the old design of automatic transmissions. «Mazda Ksedos 9” was equipped with mechanics only in the initial configurations.


It is Worth noting that the price of this car has fallen dramatically. So, version the 93 model years with manual transmission can be purchased for 190-230 thousand rubles. But the latest versions with the top engine will cost at 350-380 thousand. automatic transmission Mazda ksedos 9But even at this price its purchase is appropriate. Indeed, for this price you will not buy even low VAZ (except in b/u condition). Owner reviews say the motors on «Mazda» have a long service life. And the build quality is much higher than domestic cars. Therefore, “Mazda Ksedos 9” is a great alternative to new budget cars and AVTOVAZ.

So, we found features of a sedan “Ksedos 9”.


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