Salad with Sunflower chips: recipe. As well as other snacks and chips


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Potato chips – it is, perhaps, the product that like almost everything, despite its exceptional harm to the body and unreasonably high price. It's no wonder they say that the chips are a good trying to sell just one potato at a cost of a whole kilogram. Every day to eat chips, of course, not worth it, but occasionally it is possible and to neglect the advice of doctors and prepare yourself and family a salad for dinner. And for the meal salad with Sunflower chips, the recipe of which is given below.

Salad Sunflower: cooking

Finely chop the chicken fillet (300 g) and sauté it until tender in butter or vegetable oil. More is dietary will this method of heat treatment of poultry meat as cooking it in the steamer. Hard-boiled eggs (3 pieces) grate. Proceed in the same way and boiled carrots (1-2 pieces).

Onions or leeks cut polyolefine, and fresh mushrooms (300 g) - thin plates. Some prefer to use as an ingredient in pickled mushrooms, however the taste of them, alas, leaves much to be desired. Mushrooms and onions fry in skillet with oil until tender.

On a flat wide dish, place 2-3 lettuce leaf – they will play the role of leaf flower. Top start to lay out the salad with Sunflower chips, the recipe of which implies the alternation of layers and mayonnaise. First, evenly lay chicken in the form of a circle, and it – carrots. Then it is the turn of mushrooms with fried onions and grated eggs.


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But as long as you have got just the usual layered salad. To make a salad with Sunflower chips, the recipe requires a fairly elaborate decoration. The dish with the salad gently lay scoop chips (usually, this is ideal chips ‘Pringles”) so that they portrayed the petals of a flower. For the top layer (what goes after eggs and mayonnaise) use kernels of canned corn. Lay them out manually and in a particularly artistic manner – in the form of mesh, which is made on the surface of some pies. In every empty diamond (it needs to be with sides about 2 cm) place the half olive, cut lengthwise. Olives are to play the role of sunflower seeds. By the way, more exotic taste of this salad will become, if olives are to be replaced with fresh berries of black currant.

Well, now that you are familiar with this dish as a salad with Sunflower chips, the recipe of which, in principle, quite simple talk about other culinary ideas that you can implement using the same chips.

Let's Start with the fact that it is not necessary to prepare Sunflower for this recipe. You can easily turn your favorite salad (Yes, even the same crab) in such beauty.

For a cocktail reception is perfect all kinds of snacks on the chips. First you prepare some salad (Olivier, beet, seafood mix, cheese and garlic mass, etc.), and then just spread it out a tablespoon of the chips. All this is carefully placed on a large flat dish, decorated with lettuce leaves. However, there is a caveat. Potato chips very quickly saturated with mayonnaise and become soft, so this snack should be prepared immediately for serving.

For fish snacks chips also fit. For example, you can take the air potato chips «Russian potato” and for each chip to put a small amount of red caviar. And the same «Moscow potato” or “Estrella" use the following way. Cut small thin slices of salted salmon, lay chipenham. And on top of each serving make with a cooking sleeve «rosettes» of the mascarpone.

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