Dishes of dried mushrooms: recipes and cooking tips


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Not Even in season it is possible to regularly indulge yourself and loved ones with mushroom dishes – ahead of time if them to dry. Or know places where work is sold. However, with the purchase can help the supermarkets, where it is easy to find drying. And the dishes dried mushrooms, its taste is not inferior to freshly made from. Unless, of course, to know some details of the treatment. And to get a good selection of recipes.

Dried mushrooms: how to cook

Whatever you were going to cook from drying, it should previously be boiled. And the first step is soaking in clean water for at least an hour. The approximate ratio of the liquid and product – half a liter of water per 100 grams of the workpiece.

If you are going to make soup from dried mushrooms, the liquid volume can be increased. If you want to get the most delicate component, dilute half the water with milk.

On how to cook dried mushrooms, the chefs there are certain differences. Some believe that the liquid in which they were swollen, you need to drain and thoroughly rinse the blank under running water. Others insist that the fill accumulated a lot of nutrients, so cook the mushrooms need it. What to do, decide for yourself. If drying clean and dirty linen on the surface does not float, let the water for steeping and will be the broth.

It is also Important to determine how many to cook dried mushrooms. The time depends on their type. The longest - up to two hours - will prepare the mushrooms. If the mushrooms are pre-sliced, in the oven they can be kept smaller. But in General the chef decide how to cook dried mushrooms, based on periodically remove the sample.

To the broth tasted better when cooked in a pan, laid the onion and spices. You can also add a small piece of butter or a little cream-if you soaked the mushrooms in clean water.

dried forest mushrooms

Salad “Helen”

Among the dishes of dried mushrooms there are appetizers, soups, hot second. Each recipe is worthy of attention and respect even by gourmets. Let's start with the appetizers.

For a delicious salad you will need 200-gram piece of beef liver (you can substitute chicken byproduct) drying approximately the same weight (of course, in already boiled), three eggs, a large onion and a couple of not-too-big carrots.


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The Liver is boiled until tender in slightly salted water and cut into cubes. Hard-boiled eggs crumble similarly. Mushrooms if they are small, it is possible to start up in business as a whole. Or chopped to pieces.

Chopped Onion half rings, carrots coarsely rubs and probusqueda until soft in vegetable oil. The components are connected, dressed with mayonnaise, pepper and salt. The salad is mixed and sprinkled with chopped herbs.

salad with dried mushrooms

Squid on a holiday

Dishes of dried mushrooms would be quite appropriate and on the most festive table. Those who approve of the seafood, you can try the following recipe.

Squid is soaked in boiling water, then cleaned, if was intact. The mushrooms for this dish to cook is not necessary, only steeping. To have the process go faster, it is also possible to use hot water. Sliced drying is mixed with pork mince, salt, sugar, pepper and chopped onions-a feather. The ratio of the products – at the discretion of the chef. Received stuffed bird is stuffed and stitched to “inside” did not drop out. Squid can be easily pierced with a needle in several places to have formed therein pairs. In a pan heat a little vegetable oil, a couple of minutes it fried crushed garlic, then with the two sides of Browns stuffed squid. Even pot is added to the soy sauce and water, the capacity is covered with a lid and left for a quarter of an hour on low heat – to stew. Flip the carcass should be every five minutes.

Before filing an exotic dish of dried mushrooms need a little to cool, after which the carcass is cut into circles. As a side dish the most harmonious figure.

stuffed squid


In the afternoon, surely each of us will not mind to eat soup from dried mushrooms. Preparing it is easy, tasty and nutritious, but it is quite diet. Primary training the usual drying, the boiling just stops after about half an hour, then caught the mushrooms from the broth and cut into medium-sized. Instead, the pot lays potato cubes; until they reach until almost cooked, finely chopped onions brought to blush in butter. In the end, to him posypayutsya mushroom strips, and stir-frying is another five minutes. The refill is inserted into the soup; after it is boiling, you can just sit down at the table. Don't forget to sprinkle the portion of chopped parsley.

If you prefer a puree, add at the end of cooking cream or sour cream, a little cheese (solid or fused), kill everything in a blender and serve.

a dish of dried mushrooms

Sauce of dried mushrooms

It will be a unique addition to almost any dish. Withit blends potatoes in any form, cereal of all cereals, pasta, and meat if it was cooked without the gravy.

For the sauce dried mushrooms, soaked basis (water should take a few less) and boiled at least an hour. Then the broth is filtered, and the mushrooms we chill. In melted butter fry the chopped onion; when it will acquire a beautiful brownish shade, you add the mushrooms. They can be cut if you prefer a more homogeneous sauce, dried mushrooms, and can be left whole – then drying will be more clearly felt in the main dish.

Ten Minutes later, after first adding the mushrooms to the pan, with continuous stirring, vsypaya flour. How much – depending on your preferred thickness of sauce. Then add desired amount of broth mixed with sour cream in it. A little spice-and the filling can be poured in a gravy boat.

sauce made with dried mushrooms


Gravy from dried mushrooms can be served vegetarian on the table, and in the days when dairy products are banned. The recipe remains the same, only from the list of components is deleted sour cream, and butter is replaced by vegetable.

Sweet potatoes

No favorite tubers will agree to do a few. So potatoes with dried mushrooms will appeal to almost everyone. Half a kilo of potatoes will go about 150 grams of drying (in original form). The broth with the mushrooms to drain in the sink is not necessary, it is useful to us. The cooking sequence will be as follows.

Potatoes, washed and brushed, not too thinly sliced. The form of slicing any, but preferably circles. Deep Tolstoganova pan melted butter with addition of vegetable at a ratio of 1:2. In this first perepuskajutsja three chopped garlic cloves. To push undesirable – the paste will stick together. Then osypaetsya potatoes; her need to fry for 5-7 minutes on a fairly high heat so that the crust appeared quickly. Then laid the mushrooms. After a few minutes cooking together poured broth, and the contents of the pan, stewed for 10 minutes.

While the contents of the pan languishing on fire, preparing the seasoning: two spoons of vegetable oil ground sea salt with pepper, herbes de Provence and oregano. Half of the mixture lubricated form, are passed potatoes and mushrooms, pour on top the rest of the filling-in oven a quarter of an hour. Those interested can also sprinkle the dish with grated cheese.

mushrooms in the oven

Hot Russian

If the potatoes with dried mushrooms to add meat, you get a full meal that does not require any additional hassle. Is that vegetables, raw or pickled, put on the table.

50 Grams of dried mushrooms are pre-processed and relinquish, two onions, cleaned and cut as you like, the main thing – is not too large. Couple of carrots also cut into slices. A little less than a kilo of potatoes, cut into large strips or small pieces, and chicken (600 grams) – with small strips. All products, except for mushrooms, roasted separately, then carrots mixed with potatoes and meat-with onions and mushrooms.

Now get the pots in which the first layer laid out the meat, and the second – vegetables. In each bowl pours a little of the mushroom broth, pot close lid or foil and put in the oven for 30-40 minutes depending on their volume. While potatoes with mushrooms and chicken comes, is the sauce: a little sour cream is made with three crushed cloves of garlic and finely chopped greens. Ten minutes before ready meals in each container put a spoon of the sauce.

potatoes with mushrooms

To Serve directly in the pot.

Porridge-our food

It would Seem to make a mess – a complicated task, which can handle even a beginner cook. The problem is that many the result of a very boring dish that is eaten only in the absence of more interesting alternatives. But if you cook pearl barley with dried mushrooms in our recipe, this dish has all chances to become a favorite in your family.

50 grams of drying washed and soaked for an hour in a glass of water. A half Cup of grits washed, poured with cold water in volume of two litres and put on the stove. After boiling the barley longer than five minutes is cooked on high heat, then boiling water is drained from it. Water, which were swollen mushrooms, otzivite and poured into the vessel. There is added two cups of chicken broth (you can substitute mushroom broth if you have it available). When the liquid boils, it osypaetsya barley, sliced mushrooms and salt. Pan closed with a lid and left on a small fire for half an hour. Before removing from the stove in the mess, added the onion roast, the contents of the pan are mixed and wrapped in a half an hour left on the table for uprawiania.

porridge with mushrooms

Seductive cabbage

Very interesting to taste sauerkraut with dried mushrooms, cooked in the oven.

Drying is taken in thisthe number below in the swollen state it was 500-600 grams. Mushrooms are filled with sufficient quantity of water; after swelling cooked directly in it, then a small crumble. A pound of cabbage a little drained from the juice and spread on the baking dish. The basis is poured a little of the mushroom broth, that cabbage is not turned soggy.

The Big onion head cleaned and cut into half rings. The respective sizes of the carrot is cut by half circles. In a large frying pan, using sunflower oil, is fried of carrots, onions and mushrooms. It is decomposed by cabbage, podsalivaya (do not overdo it! In the cabbage and enough salt) and flavored spices. The original recipe recommended spicy pepper and cumin, but you can find something else.

The Form is placed in a heated to about 150 centigrade the oven and kept in it until tender cabbage.

Sauce for cabbage with mushrooms

A 50-gram piece of butter naturally softens and pounded until smooth with the same amount of flour. Then the weight poured milk volume less than two glasses, salt, mix of pepper and nutmeg, about a quarter of a small spoon. Again, carefully stir and pour into a baking dish, then return the cabbage to the oven for another 15 minutes. Is this dish supposed hot.

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