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Chocolate and cheese – products that seem made for each other. Pie where these two ingredients are the base, will appeal to all without exception. The curd is acidified by the sweetness of chocolate will make it softer, lighter, a bit more diet. Those who don't like cheese, will also be satisfied. The taste of curd in the presence of chocolate is changing. He begins to resemble a delicate soufflé.

You've probably already realized that we're going to bake chocolate cheesecake. Recipes these cakes are not considered. Because white and brown ingredients you can combine as you like. You can make chocolate cakes with baked cheese inside the balls. Beautiful work and a marble cake. And you can just put the cakes cream cheese frosting. Or stir chocolate and cream cheese in the dough. Below you will find some interesting pie recipes. By the way, it is possible to prepare not only the traditional way in the oven. There are many interesting and simple recipes for the bread machine and slow cooker.

Chocolate cake with cottage cheese balls recipe

Chocolate cheesecake: recipe classic

Let's Start with the most simple. We will make shortcrust pastry-crumbs with cocoa powder. And then put chocolate cakes cheesecake. Sift into a deep bowl 350 grams of flour, adding a sachet of baking powder. Add 125 grams of sugar and three heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder. Put two hundred and twenty grams of chopped into pieces of chilled butter. Quickly grind all the ingredients to make dough-crumbs.

Now accepted for the cream. Six hundred grams of cottage cheese wipe through a sieve to eliminate lumps. It is possible to taste grate a little lemon peel. In another vessel whisk three eggs, 125 grams of sugar and the sachet of vanilla. This mixture connected with cottage cheese. Stir well to obtain a homogeneous creamy mass.


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Grease the form of butter. Pour a third of the test. Spread on top half of the cream. Sprinkle another third of the dough. Spread the remaining cream. Cover the dough. The oven should be already preheated to 180 degrees. Bake about forty-five minutes. Tip: just do not get it. Allow to stand in a turned off oven with the door closed for another ten minutes. Sprinkle the finished product with powdered sugar or, if desired, cover with chocolate icing.Chocolate cheesecake recipe

The same pie, but in a slow cooker

Prepare the dough and the cream is exactly the same as in the previous recipe. The Cup multivarki should be lubricated with grease. Best of all butter. Then put the dough and then cream in the same sequence. We have to go three layers and two interlayers. Form mounted on a container for steaming. Chocolate cake with cottage cheese filling in a slow cooker should be prepared in a special mode. It is called “Cakes”. The process takes an hour. After the beep, turn the unit on the program “heated” and leave for another twenty minutes. Take out, let cool completely and decorate.

Another classic recipe

Many people love to toppings was great, but the test is not enough. This recipe allows you to create a cake chocolate curd, which resembles a cheesecake. First, a pack of butter (pre-softened) rubs with a hundred grams of sugar. Sift on top of 400 grams of wheat flour and four heaped tablespoons of cocoa. As in the previous recipe, grind the dough into crumbs. Best for this pie take a detachable mould. For the above ingredients fit a diameter of 25 centimeters. Carpeted the form of baking paper and grease with some good vegetable oil. Lay out in her half of the dough.

For the filling, wipe through a sieve (or mash with a blender) six hundred grams of cottage cheese. Add 150 g of sugar, four large eggs, a Cup of sour cream, two large tablespoons of starch and a little vanilla. This is smooth, with no lumps, the mass is spread over the dough. Smoothed out the edge with a knife. Covered the remaining batter. Put in preheated oven and bake at 170 degrees for about an hour. Let cool in pan, then gently shift at dish.Recipe for chocolate cheesecake in a slow cooker

Marble chocolate-cheesecake

How to make the dough was both yellow and brown? For this, we use real chocolate, not cocoa. Will fit any – black or milky, but no fillers. You will need one hundred twenty-five grams. Start cooking cake chocolate curd ‘Marble’ with two types of test. In the microwave or in a water bath drown sweet tile with a hundred grams of oil. In a mixer, beat two eggs with 125 g of sugar, a pinch of salt and half a sachet of vanillin. Combine with melted chocolate. Add one hundred twenty-five grams of flour, previously mixed with half a teaspoon of baking powder.

Leave the brown dough and white are accepted. Wipe two hundred grams of cottage cheese. Add the egg, two tablespoons of powdered sugar, half a sachet of vanillin. If the dough came out runny, you can thicken it with a small amount of flour.

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Shape carpeted with oiled kitchen paper. Put both test. Stir them with a wooden skewer, but without fanaticism, to have boththe masses are not United into one, and turned marble stains. Bake forty-five minutes. Readiness check with a toothpick.Recipe for chocolate cake with curd


This recipe for chocolate pie with cottage cheese filling will not leave anyone indifferent. Preparation start with the cream. To praterdome cottage cheese (400 g) add the egg, seventy grams of sugar and 50 g coconut flakes. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Prepare the dough as in previous recipe. The melted chocolate and butter mix in equal proportions (for 150 grams). Three eggs, beat with a hundred grams of sugar. Combine with chocolate. Add one hundred grams of flour with half a spoon of baking powder. If the cheese is too liquid, serusaem starch. The two masses must be the same for consistency. Formed just a cake: between two layers of chocolate dough placed curd. Bake for an hour at 170 degrees.

Chocolate cake with cottage cheese balls: recipe for oven

The Product looks very original, especially in the context. First, make the balls. Clean 200 g of cottage cheese, mix it with a tablespoon of starch, 30 g of sugar and egg yolk. Will skatiem from this mass of balls the size of a walnut, roll them in breadcrumbs and remove in the refrigerator. Four of the yolk RUB with 30 g of sugar white. Add two tablespoons of flour, three – starch and cocoa powder, a pinch of baking powder. Melt a bar of dark chocolate. Half added to the batter. Four-protein blend with 30g of sugar until resistant peaks. Gently add to the dough.

The Form lubricated with oil. At its bottom lay out the balls from the curd. Fill them with dough. Put in a preheated oven for half an hour at 180 degrees. When the cake has cooled, decorate it with icing that you cook the remaining chocolate, 40 ml milk, 120 g icing sugar and a spoon of butter.Chocolate cheese soft cake

Option for the slow cooker

The Recipe is a little different from the previous one. The only difference is the final stage – baking. This recipe is for "Panasonic" brand SR TMH18, with a capacity of 670 watts. Stacked chocolate cake with cottage cheese balls in a slow cooker in the following way. The bowl grease with butter. Pour a third of the chocolate batter. Evenly spread the balls. Pour the remaining batter. Put mode is “Baking”, and the timer-on hour. After the call, wait 30 seconds, and then exposed in the same mode for another forty minutes.

Another recipe with balls

If you follow the instructions, it will turn surprisingly tender, delicious chocolate and cheese soft cake. First SkyTeam balls. To do this, combine 250 g of cottage cheese, three tablespoons of flour, egg, beaten with 50 g sugar and 40 g of coconut flakes. Of the elastic mass will skatiem balls the size of a walnut. A baking pan zastelit kitchen paper. Place the bulbs so that they do not touch each other.

Sift 150g of flour, two spoons of starch, three – cocoa, one-of vanilla sugar and a pinch of baking powder. Mix up the bulk ingredients. In a saucepan will heat up 130 ml of milk, will break a bar of dark chocolate, stir up until it is completely dissolved. Three yolk shall pound with a hundred grams of sugar. Add the cooled chocolate milk. Mix. Little by little start to add bulk ingredients, stirring all the time. Proteins with a pinch of salt, beat until peaks. Gently enter into the dough. Fill them with balls. Bake at 180 degrees in preheated oven about forty minutes.Chocolate cake with curd in multivarka

Recipe for slow cooker

Interestingly, we put two layers, but the chocolate still coats the cheese. This here is magic. Recipe chocolate cheesecake in a slow cooker is surprisingly simple. Whisk three eggs with a hundred grams of sugar. Add 210 ml cream, 70 g of softened butter. Again all beat with a mixer. In a bowl pour 140 g flour, 35 g cocoa powder, half a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix up. Half the particulate mass is connected to the liquid. Knead and add the rest.

Put the dough in a greased bowl multivarki. Two eggs will beat into a soft mousse with a hundred grams of sugar. Add well mashed cottage cheese (half a kilo). If necessary, thicken with a teaspoon or two of starch. Place dough in center of chocolate. White circle should not reach the walls of the slow cooker. Set the unit to mode "Baking" and bake for about an hour.Pie chocolate cheesecake

Biscuit dough

Pie chocolate cheesecake can be baked in a cake pan. Will beat into a soft mousse with three eggs and 100 g sugar. Add half a pack of softened butter and vanilla. Flour (250 grams) pre-mix a quarter Cup of cocoa powder, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder. Connect both masses. Then knead thoroughly.

For cottage cheese layer will beat into a soft mousse egg, 50 g sugar, 200 g of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of butter and flour. The form for cupcakes put some margarine. Put half of the brown test, then the – half white. Repeat the procedure again. For the marble effect, you can take a wooden stick in a circle. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about forty-five minutes.

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