Lentils: useful properties and contraindications for the body


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Perhaps one of the most "exotic" products – lentils. After all, in everyday life, and peas and beans people use infrequently, what can we say about this representative legumes. However, the useful properties of lentils deserve special attention and careful study, as they are, without exaggeration, is unique. Especially this topic is important for people leading a healthy lifestyle. A legume has a low calorie content and rich chemical composition. Given this, it is possible to speak about an unconditional positive effect of lentils on the human body. It is also considered as a good auxiliary tool in the treatment of several diseases. But be careful, because lentils, like many other products, has contraindications. Everything connected with this culture, we learn right now.

Some General information about lentils

Representative of the legumes, probably seems exotic not only because it is rarely used in Russian cuisine, but also for the reason that now it is grown in India, Northern Africa and southern Europe. But once Russia was ranked first in the world for its production. In Ancient Russia knew about the beneficial properties lentils, so loved this product. The plant is a small Bob, inside of which are several seeds. Them and eaten all over the world. Lentils there are several colors:

  • Black;
  • Red.
  • Green.

Each variety has its own taste characteristics, positive qualities and cooking time.

All about black lentils

Use black lentils

This variety cooks quickly, and looks very similar to Beluga caviar. Black lentils was bred in Canada. The biggest benefit of variety is achieved through seed propagation. The sprouts are used to prepare various salads. Black lentils according to its useful properties are not inferior to red and green.


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Red lentils

The Seeds have a mild, very interesting, but not a strong taste. Useful properties of red lentils in the first place due to its content of the highest amounts of iron. Therefore, it is especially useful at anemia and many diseases of the circulatory system. Like black, the red variety is very quickly prepared. Is ideal for a variety of side dishes and soups recipes. A distinctive feature of the red lentils is that it is very quickly absorbed by the body.

Use green lentils

The Most popular and ancient variety. Useful properties of green lentils known for several centuries. It contains the highest amount of fiber when compared with the red or black variety. This is a unique adjuvant in the treatment of such serious diseases as diabetes, and pathologies of the intestine of chronic, in particular constipation.

To enhance the positive properties of varieties recommended to use it together with cereals, for example, buckwheat or rice. But cooked green lentils for a very long time – at least half an hour. But has a bright, pleasant taste that will appreciate not only the adult members of the household and children. Green lentils are used in salads, soups, casseroles, and add different side dishes. Once you try this variety, you'll love him forever.

Chemical composition of lentils, and food value

Useful properties of lentils

As indicated in the product substances it is possible to speak about its contraindications and useful properties. Lentil has a unique composition, as can be seen by looking at the table. Data are per 100 g of product.

1 Calories 295 kcal
2 Fats 1,5
3 Carbohydrates 46,3
4 Squirrel 24
5 Dietary fiber 11,5
6 Water 14
7 Mono - and disaccharides 2,9
8 Ash 2,7
9 Starch 4,4
10 Unsaturated fatty acids 0,5

This shows that lentils are low in fat and high in protein and, therefore, is an excellent meat substitute. This property can be useful for vegetarians. Because protein is an essential substance, a Builder of new cells. As you know, meat vegetarians do not use.

Lentils Also contains a large number of other substances. Some of them needed daily for the proper and stable functioning of all organs and systems of the human body. The other is unique; that is, such substances are not in all products, but they are no less important for humans. To find elements in the lentils and useful properties from the table.

Omega 3 and 6

Prevent atherosclerosis


Vitamin B1 improves brain function and memory

The Iron

It is Very important for the circulatory system and for energy metabolism

Soluble fiber

Beneficially affect the functionality of the digestive system, particularly the colon, help maintain cholesterol and blood sugar within normal limits


The most Important element in preventing development of impotence and anemia.

Nicotinic acid

A Beneficial effect on the Central nervous system and emotional state.


Is a conduit of nutrients and oxygen to every cell of the body


Important for maintaining normal skin condition and correct operation of the cardiovascular system

Useful properties of lentils for the human body

Lentils - the benefits for the entire body

From the table above it is already possible to highlight some of the most important qualities of this representative of legumes. Particularly noteworthy soluble fiber. Once in the digestive tract, they turn into a gel-like substance that completely cleans the gastrointestinal tract from the bile and other harmful substances.

The B Vitamins, namely thiamine and Riboflavin to support normal, correct operation of the Central and peripheral nervous system, beneficial effect on blood vessels, especially those located in the brain. B vitamins good for the memory, which increases performance.

Useful properties of lentil grains due to the content of trace elements and minerals:

  • Potassium,
  • Phosphorus;
  • Calcium,
  • Iron
  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc;
  • Copper;
  • Selenium;
  • Manganese.

Magnesium is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, iron – for the blood, and zinc is essential for male prostate. Lentils prevents the development of obesity, breast cancer, iron deficiency, reduces the risk of stroke and ischemia, stabilizes the intestinal. The benefits of lentils are endless, this is truly a unique product that beneficially affects the entire body, every cell. Equally important, she's one of the few who are not able to accumulate in its fibers hazardous substances. Therefore, lentils – an environmentally friendly product.

Special use lentils for women

Proper nutrition with lentils

For many girls, important is the question of the use of this unusual representative of the legumes for weight loss. Useful properties of lentil in the diet are that it contains very little fat and many beneficial substances. Some of them in the product so much that even gold serving per day substitute daily rate. Lentils helps to get rid of excess fat, but, given the high calorie content, you shouldn't use it in large quantities.

The lentil of isoflavones. These substances are unique in that they possess high antioxidant activity. Due to this property the regular consumption of lentils in any form reduces the risk of development of malignant tumors of the mammary gland and benign tumors in the uterus. Also for women grain legumes are useful because of the ability to reduce the severity of premenstrual syndrome and symptoms of menopause.

Lentil and pregnancy

Lentil and pregnancy

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