How much and how to fry peanuts in a pan, in the microwave, in the oven and slow cooker


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Now in every supermarket or your local market you can buy absolutely any type of nuts: raw or roasted, and shelled, and in the skin. It is sold by weight and packaged salty and sweet, coated in chocolate with different taste and flavors. But to have them not only fun but also useful, it is recommended that heat treatment carried out independently. In our article we will talk about how to roast peanuts at home. First, it allows you to save money. Secondly, all cooked with his own hands, it turns out tastier and healthier. And third, it is not difficult and takes minimum time.

Useful Than groundnuts

Peanuts are often used in cooking because of its availability, great taste and nutrition. In addition to the high content of vegetable fats (50%), the plant is rich in vitamins a, C, D, E and PP. In ground nut contains iron and unique amino acids, magnesium and fiber. Its membership includes more unique items, such as tryptophan. Once in the body, it is easily converted into serotonin, perfectly enhance the mood and help fight depression.

how to fry peanutsPeanuts is recommended to drink (in moderation) for the normalization of the cardiovascular system, the prevention of malignancies. It helps to focus, to rid the body of toxins and improve hormonal balance. But most importantly, many peanuts have the taste and, therefore, there can be just so happy. Raw peanuts are very heavy for the digestive system and can trigger various diseases. For this reason, before use, it should fry. This can be done in several ways: using a regular pan, oven, microwave and even a slow cooker. Before frying peanuts, it can be freed from the shell. In addition, in the process of making nut salt may be added to improve the taste of the product.


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Shelled peanuts, pan-fried

how to fry peanuts in a pan

As a rule, sell it walnut shelled, although some prefer to purchase the nuts in “cottages”, believing such storage is more hygienic and safe. But still cleaned more often. Before frying peanuts, it is necessary to pour into the preheated pan. Lubricate the surface fat is not necessary. Many are not very experienced cooks sometimes the question arises: “How to roast peanuts in the pan, so it turned out delicious, but not burnt?” the Exact answer is not there, because everything depends on the power plate, number of nuts, and other parameters. Usually enough for 10-15 minutes. The nuts must be periodically stirred. It is also important to remember that even after turning off the burners peanut continues to broil, until the complete cooling. So when it is ready, it should immediately transfer to another container.

How to roast peanuts in the microwave

how to roast peanuts in the microwave

This marvel of modern technology are almost in every kitchen. In most cases, the microwave use only-heated products. But sometimes it is possible to prepare, for example nuts. Before how to roast peanuts in the microwave, plucked it, washed (it needs to be wet) and pour into a glass or ceramic container.

Time spent on the preparation of nuts depends on the power of the instrument and the quantity of the product. A Cup of peanuts will be fried for about 4 minutes at 700-800 watts. About the middle of the cooking time it must take out, stir and then continue cooking.

How and when to salt the nuts

Some do it before frying peanuts, others add sugar or salt to the already roasted nuts. But most importantly, it was small and crunched on the teeth. So it is better to use salt «Extra». So how to roast peanuts with salt? Both products should be thoroughly mixed, pour into a pan or send in the microwave. You can use any of the methods. Ready salted nuts better hot, not forgetting to stir. The amount of salt put to taste, but it is recommended teaspoon of salt (no slides!) full glass of peanuts.

how to roast inshell peanuts

What if the nuts in the shell?

First, they can be cleaned. Peel peanut brittle enough, so crush it with your hands, with little effort. But this procedure can be left for later. Don't know how to roast peanuts in the shell? Just put it on a baking sheet, because this “great” can handle only oven. It was heated to 180 O, and then sent to the nuts for 20-25 minutes. To mix them is not necessary, but you need to make sure that they don't burn. In the oven it is possible to roast and shelled peanuts, but the time it will take much less – about 15 minutes.

What other devices you can use

how to roast peanuts with salt

In the first place – multicookings. It turns out that it is also possible to fry the peanuts. However, will spend a little more time, but forthe process does not need to be monitored. A Cup of peanuts, pour into the slow cooker, salted and include half an hour in the regime of “Cakes”.

There is another version of how to fry peanuts, – in the deep fryer. The products are cooked in oil, a very nutritious and very unusual in taste, so use them makes sense if all other options are tired. 500 g of nuts take 1.5 cups of oil (preferably peanut) and cook for about 5 minutes at 180 OC, stirring constantly. Before use, you should lay them on paper towels, leaving excess fat.

Regardless of which method was chosen to prepare the peanuts, you need to very carefully monitor it in a timely manner to mix and pulling out that it is not burnt. Be careful: nuts, of course, the product is useful, but very high in calories and deep fried - twice.

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