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Supporters of the fish dishes I know a dozen ways to cook it and well versed in the varieties. However, in everyday life the most affordable is the carp, the harm and benefit which the long-studied by nutritionists, mapped, and delivered to the people. Very pleased that the easy find the fish is still recommended by doctors. Not less happily, and that in cooking it is easy, can be processed in any ways, and besides all the recipes give the output a very tasty meal.carp harm and benefits

Fish carp: harm and benefits

In nature there are only three varieties of this fish, two of which meet in Russia in the wild and successfully bred. It is a white silver carp and pied. First is dietary, the second one is much tastier. The latter species, a hybrid, more Moody temperature, so it is found closer to the South and on the shelves is less common.

The Main advantage of carp is that it is the only freshwater fish, the fat of which is actually similar to the fat of marine fish and can lower cholesterol in the body. But not only this impact is famous for its carp, the harm and benefit which will be considered here. Fish gives a number of pleasant effects:

  1. Meat of silver carp is of high nutritional qualities, thanks to which it can participate, even in baby food. There is diet, which is prescribed to consume only the fish.
  2. Silver Carp to digest in full, and in just two hours.
  3. The Meat of this fish is an excellent preventive measure against cardiac, gastro, cancer and atherosclerosis.
  4. Phosphorus, iron, zinc, and sulfur contained in the silver carp, strengthen nails, improve the color and condition of the skin, stimulate the growth of hair.

Note that carp meat is quite fatty. However, because of the ease of splitting of fat, it does not even contraindicated for people with overweight.


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So, if meticulously evaluate fish named carp, the harm and benefit its just not comparable. The latest available to anyone who is not against fish. First face only to individuals who are not fortunate to be born with an Allergy to aquatic life.salted carp

What is a good spawn

Carp itself is just a storehouse of useful properties. However, even more useful caviar carp. Strongly recommend her as a means to prevent relapse in cancers. It stabilizes the blood sugar levels of diabetics activates the body's production of hemoglobin, normalizes joints in podagra and rheumatism. If the eggs of the silver carp is constantly present in the menu, returns to normal nervous system, peripheral and Central. These therapeutic effects of caviar combined with the total benefit that carries the meat of silver carp.carp caviar

Appetizer of caviar

A Separate bonus is that the eggs of this fish is delicious and can be consumed in different forms. Fry it, by the way, not the best idea. Best buy salted or salt it yourself, and after to build a great sauce. It is done thus: a small onion, preferably white, is ground into a puree with a cheese grater or a blender. From a small piece of the loaf is removed the crumb, get soaked in milk and pressed. Both components are connected with three spoons of caviar and whipped at maximum speed with the slow and gradual introduction of the half Cup of olive oil. When the sauce will be very light, it drained a half of a lemon. Mixer or blender don't stop! Achieving smooth, smear a snack on fresh bread and enjoy.silver carp

Recipe eggplant

Very tasty and juicy fried carp. But just put the fish slices in the pan – it's boring and primitive. But if you are on a diet and are highly recommended. We offer you the following recipe. Half a kilo of eggplant is cleaned from the skin, cut into cubes, driven around in flour and fry. About the same fish is cut into portions, also breaded in flour and Browns. Both components are formed in another container in layers and filled with special sauce. For him, the crushed roots of parsley and celery passiruyte with onions, then languishing under the hood with the addition of a glass of tomato juice half before boiling. Further the sauce is flavored with lemon, sugar, pepper and salt and rubbed through a fine sieve. When fish with eggplant cook in the sauce, all sitting at the table will sing the praises of the mistress.carp fried

Gourmet fish

If this carp fried you may not seem like a diet, try to cook the next dish. Carcass cut into portions and marinate for two hours in a mixture of salt, garlic, pepper and chopped parsley. Then break the fish slices in whole wheat flour and very quickly, on high heat brown them. Now fold the pieces of carp in Tolstoganova pan and place in the oven for a quarter of an hour. Compared with just fried fish, with a calorie content of just about 180 units, this carp “delay” only 125 calories.


Especially good for these purposes, silver carp – it is less greasy. But it is possible to use and colorful, if alternatives were not found. The Ambassador will take place in three stages – so will be more tasty and tender salted carp.

  1. Carcass, cleaned, gutted and washed, is freed from the greater part of the bones. Lazy can in good conscience neglect this step, but to eat the fish they are after will be more difficult. Clean meat cut small slices, folded in any suitable pot and generously sprinkle on all sides with salt.
  2. Half an hour later a carp-filled with a diluted one-third with water vinegar. In it, the fish should be cured for 20 minutes.
  3. Slices of silver carp is well rinsed and lightly pressed to the glass too much, but the pieces are not deformed. Now they fold in a jar, and every row is poured with sunflower oil. Even better, if you put a fish layers of onion rings.

Capacity for a day is sent out into the cold. During this time, the fish salted in full.

Remember that large quantities of salted silver carp may worsen the health of people with renal problems. So let it not be a main dish, and a welcome addition to the menu.carp fillet


The Most delicious baked carp. The harm and benefit in this trade harmonically balanced for the consumer: the latter appears the most, and the damage is not applied even losing weight. Moreover, when baking you can cook a complete dish and not to Tinker further with garnish. Taken carp fillet, cutting, prisalivaya, spraying with lemon and marinated for half an hour. Then on a baking sheet laid out with a thick layer of onion rings on them – carrot slices in a row, followed by – a fish. It can be rings of olives and plates of mushrooms. In the oven this design is forty minutes or an hour. Before the readiness of the dish cheese wakes up and comes back to it melting.


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