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Bream can be cooked many delicious dishes. This fish can not only fry and bake, but also salted and smoked. However, some methods of cooking at home to exercise without tools is simply impossible. Salting – the best option. In addition to cooking requires a few products. It's water, fish, salt. So, as the salt bream at home for Smoking and drying?how to pickle bream

Dry Ambassador

As the salt bream right? The first step is to prepare all the necessary components. Fish is better to take one that was caught in the winter or spring. These breams are more fragrant and tasty. So, to pickle fish, you will need:

  1. 1 kg bream.
  2. 100 to 200 grams of salt.

In this case, salt is better to take a large grinding stone. The iodized will not work.

Product Training

Since salt bream at home for drying? The process is painstaking, it should be started with the preparation of products. Large fish weighing more than 350 grams, it is necessary to gut it, removing all the entrails. To remove the scales is not necessary. Otherwise the finished product will be too salty.

Eviscerated carcasses should be thoroughly rinsed in cold water, removing any blood. You can then shift bream in a suitable container. The salting pot also need to choose the right. Capacity needs to be sufficiently broad and deep. Do not forget that the cooking process will be allocated the brine, completely covering the fish. For pickling, you can use almost any dish. The exception is aluminum. Such containers can severely damage the taste of the finished product. Often river fish is salted in a vessel made of to pickle bream at home for drying


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How to pickle bream at home: a recipe

When everything is ready, you can begin to prepare. At the bottom of the selected container, you should pour a layer of salt. This will allow the fish to take as many as you want. After that, each carcass bream should roll in salt. Sprinkle need not only outside but also inside. Special attention should be paid to the gills. Here you need to pour more salt. Otherwise, the finished fish will be very bitter.

Prepared carcasses should be placed at the bottom of the tank, laying flat and dense rows. After that, the fish should be covered with the yoke and move to a cool place. So the product should stand for 7 to 10 days.


So, as the salt of bream in the dry way? It is worth considering that adding water to fish is not necessary. In the process of salting will produce brine. It should completely cover the carcasses bream. If it is not enough, you can prepare the brine alone. To do this in a liter of water is needed to dissolve 300 grams of coarse salt. The solution is to put on fire and bring to boil. The cooled liquid should cover the fish.

The Willingness of fish can be identified by its ridge. If it is soft, the carcass should have a little lie down in brine. If the ridge was solid, then you can remove the bream from the liquid and put a few hours in cold water. This will remove the excess salt.

That's all. The fish is ready. It remains dry. For this carcass must be hung by twine. Dried bream need outdoors, preferably in the shade. During final preparation should ensure that carcasses of fish did not sit down to pickle bream at home for Smoking

How to pickle bream in the wet way?

There is another way pickles bream – wet. This Ambassador is suitable for Smoking. Dried bream is not necessary. Do not use raw fish after a few hours after salting. For cooking you need:

  1. Small size carcasses bream.
  2. Salt, not iodized – as needed.

Process pickles

So, as the salt bream at home in the wet way? The first step is to prepare the carcass. Fish should be gutted, cleaned from the husk and wash thoroughly in cold water. At the bottom of a wide container, you should pour a bit of salt and distribute it evenly. You must then place a layer prepared by bream. You should start with the largest carcasses. Each layer of fish should pour salt. Also in a container, you can add a little spice. It is best to fish suitable Bay leaf, pepper and to pickle bream at home recipe

A container of bream is to cover the yoke, and then transfer to a cool room. The fish should stand for 5 to 7 days. After a specified time the fish should be removed from the tank and wash thoroughly under cold running water. This will give the opportunity to remove the excess salt.

Washed the carcass bream should be soaked in clean water an hour and a half. After that, the fish need to shift to the surface, covered with paper, and a little dry. This will take about three hours. Ready bream can immediately taste and can be smoked.

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