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Manty – a speciality. Maybe people are outsiders and consider them as “just large ravioli”, but it is not so. Neither the Uzbeks did not agree that dumplings can be boiled in water and stuff with minced meat sent through a grinder. No, these products from thin dough is prepared exclusively for a couple, and inside lay nothing like minced lamb meat, certainly flavored with cumin. And a lot of onions. A lot – at least as much as the lamb.

sauce for dumplingsBecause it gives the onions their famous manta rays juiciness. Eat them with your hands and served with special gravies that are called – the sauce for the dumplings.

Sauces for dumplings: recipe

And there is a great variety for every taste, using different ingredients. Today we will talk about how to make the sauce for the dumplings.

First option

One of the traditional gravy-sauce katika. However, in our country this Eastern dairy product even a few people know, not to mention the fact that sour cream could be somewhere to buy. However, it does not matter! Quite forgivable to replace it with a mixture of sour cream with kefir or natural yoghurt without additives.

how to cook sauce for dumplingsSo the sauce for the dumplings from katica. To get it, you need to mix equal parts of not too fat sour cream with yogurt (yogurt), add lots of finely chopped parsley and cilantro, squeeze a couple of zubochkov garlic and season with black and red pepper.

Another sauce called “Santana”

Equally popular sauce for dumplings “Santana”. For its preparation you will need vegetable oil, tomato paste, garlic and red chili pepper. The oil need a good heat in a small pan or skillet. Separately mix a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste ground pepper, squeeze a few cloves of garlic. Pour tomato mixture in hot vegetable oil and infuse for 15 minutes, then pour it steaming dumplings.


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Well-known sauce in Uzbek

And, of course, sauce for dumplings in Uzbek. You need to take a glass of broth, half a Cup of tomato juice, 2 onions, a few cloves of garlic and also vinegar, butter, Bay leaf, pepper, dill and salt. This sauce for dumplings to cook. But first you should finely chop the onion, squeeze the garlic, mix them with tomato juice and adding broth and Bay leaf and bring to a boil.

sauce for dumplings in UzbekCook on low heat for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, then remove from the heat, add salt, pepper, chopped dill and let it brew under the lid. Then warm the sauce drain, add a knob of butter and a little vinegar and serve.

Spicy option for those who love dishes with pepper

There is another sauce, hot. For it will need half a Cup of refined oil, garlic, hot sauce and black pepper. Garlic should be cut into thin slices, mix with a tablespoon adzhika and add sunflower oil. Stir until smooth, add pepper and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes.

Onion-vinegar sauce - an easy option

This, incidentally, is the easiest sauce for such dishes as dumplings. We will need one onion and 200 grams of vinegar. Onion need chopped.

sauces for dumplings recipeYou can Then send it to marinate in the vinegar for about 20 minutes. Then you generously sprinkle with herbs and a little bottle of cold water. That's it, the sauce is ready!

Mustard sauce

For Those who love spicy dishes, offer to cook mustard sauce. To create it we need mustard, olive oil, sesame seeds and herbs. The first two ingredients take in the proportions 2:1 (mustard and olive oil). Mixed, you then add greens and sesame seeds. Next, carefully stir again.

Interesting note

By the Way, small word of advice – in any type of sauce to dip dumplings. These products eat with their hands. First bite edge, whereby is formed a hole into it very carefully with a spoon superimposed sauce. If so there's a Manty, you can feel the original taste of the dish. Note that the juice of the meat is very delicious mixed with any sauce.

Wrapping up

Bon appétit! We hope that our recipes sauces you like. You can prepare them easily, and this means that your family still eat spicy and sour gravy for the dumplings. Don't be afraid to experiment - this is important!

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