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COPD stands for “COPD”. A disease characterized by progress, self-development, inflammation and structural changes in the tissue component of the human lungs. Bronchial obstruction occurs in the distal bronchi. Group risk – men over 40. In recent years, namely COPD is often the cause of disability.

COPD treatment breathing exercises

What to do?

If diagnosed violation, you need to remember that its development leads to swelling, spasms. Result of infectious diseases occur regularly inflammation. Because problems can cause metabolic gases in the blood is reduced oxygen concentration, causing growing pressure. Up to 30% of cases are fatal.

To avoid such adverse developments in the diagnosis immediately need to begin to eliminate the disease. Because pathology have been studied fairly well, medicine is known for COPD symptoms and treatment medications. Breathing exercises – another reliable method of regaining health. If timely and correctly chosen treatment, you can expect a positive forecast.

breathing exercises disease COPD

Breathe right!

In a normal state of breathing short breaths, straining the respiratory system. Effective therapeutic breathing exercises in patients with COPD is based on the fact to return to the quality of breathing as the patient of this disease begins to breathe weakly, long exhalations.

Was invented several methodologies in order to give the muscles of the respiratory system coordination. Regular practice of exercise allows you to return the muscle tone and to restore the correctness of each breathing phase. Practiced breathing exercises with COPD developed in the last century Strelnikova, popular practices of the Eastern monks. In addition, several methods were invented in the West in the past and this century.


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COPD: symptoms and treatment, breathing exercises – where to begin?

The Most simple exercise with which recommend to begin development of the method – exhalation resistance. Despite its simplicity, it is important, as it allows to improve the mechanics of the muscular system of the lungs, which leads to a return to normal gas exchange. Recommended to practice exercise as a preventive and therapeutic at any stage of the disease.

Exercise required:

  • Filled with pure water glass;
  • Small tube (hose, cocktail tube).


  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Slowly release the air from the lungs is strictly through the phone.
  3. Repeat a quarter of an hour.
  4. Daily complex to do five times.

effective breathing exercises in patients with COPD

Diaphragmatic breathing

Increasingly, patients are trying to practice in the case of COPD treatment of folk remedies. Breathing exercises in this case – the best option. Remember that the disease is inherent in the abundance of mucus that you cannot cough up. This reduction of the respiratory system no expectoration is the reason that the person is choking. To remedy the situation, it makes sense to try dynamic practice. Its essence is the elongation of the exhalation, the tension of the diaphragm.

The Technique is as follows:

  1. Go belly up.
  2. On three accounts for a long time, much to fade in the air, using a press of the belly.
  3. On the fourth score to breathe, possibly sticking out his belly.
  4. Strong, powerful escalates, reducing muscle press.

breathing exercises with COPD Tibetan monks

Alternative option

Another practice, which advises breathing exercises with COPD may lead to a result similar to that described above. It is executed from the starting position such that it is convenient: you sit, lie down or stand. You can practice it on the go or running.

Lying on your back, pull your knees to your chest and bow legs with your hands, inhale deeply possible, with effort, then coughed. You can do exactly the same, sitting in a chair.


Effective breathing exercises in patients with COPD must include exercise which is called “Hug”. The technique of the following:

  1. Hand bred, raised to shoulder level and spread the fingers, back of hand facing upward.
  2. Hands crossed in front of chest, moving sharply and powerfully, and at the same time tassels are hitting the blades.
  3. Actively exhale.

Hitting the blades

COPD treatment breathing exercises includes this exercise:

  1. Hands raised, bred.
  2. Rise up on your toes.
  3. SAG back.
  4. Back up to the full stop.
  5. Lean forward, rounding the spine.
  6. Cross their arms in front of your chest, for this brief and much flapping them.
  7. Tassels are hitting the blades.
  8. Exhale loudly, strongly.
  9. Hands bred to the sides.
  10. Crossed in front of chest.
  11. Hit the blades three times.
  12. Continue to exhale.
  13. Return to the initial position.
  14. Breathe with your belly.

Wood Chopping

COPD breathing exercises Strelnikova recommends this exercise:

  1. Rise up on your toes.
  2. SAG back.
  3. Your Fingers are interlocked, his hands lift up, give back.
  4. On the first account down to the full stop, lean forward, hands moving forward, down, back. This simulates the axe.
  5. Make a strong and loud exhale.
  6. On the second account back to the initial position.

breathing exercises in patients with COPD

The mountain skiing

Breathing exercises for disease COPD includes the following practices:

  1. The Original position: feet apart about the width of the track.
  2. Rise up on your toes.
  3. Bend forward, but not much.
  4. Pull the arm.
  5. Squeeze the brush, imagining you're holding ski poles.
  6. On the first account falls on the full foot and squat with a slight tilt forward.
  7. Stomach touch the thighs.
  8. Assign back the hands, relaxing the brush.
  9. Exhale.
  10. On the second and third account springy on your feet.
  11. Complete the exhalation.
  12. Return to the initial position.
  13. Make the diaphragmatic breath.


COPD treatment breathing exercises be sure to include a set of exercises following practice.

  1. Rise up on your toes.
  2. Raise both arms.
  3. Fold the brush like you're about to make a stroke.
  4. On the first account down to the full stop.
  5. Hands are bred in different directions.
  6. On the second account, put your hands hanging at your sides.
  7. Exhale with force.
  8. Third account of the rise on socks, returning to the initial position.
  9. Take a deep breath with your belly. The exercise is completed.

Regularity   success

All of the breathing exercises in patients with COPD may be useful only in the case when it's practiced regularly and under the supervision of a specialist. As doctors say, you need to allocate up to a quarter of an hour for each set of exercises a day, repeating them at least four times.

COPD treatment of folk remedies breathing exercises

To master each of the poses perfectly, you can see themed video, and it is better to see a doctor. Assistance can be provided by specialists in physical therapy. The regular practice of such exercises effectively reduces the amount of necessary patient medication and leads to cure of the patient.

Exhale Strelnikova

Breathing exercises with COPD effective primarily due to the active and noisy breath made through the nose is short movement. Since the disease nasal breathing is gradually being lost, this medical practice is really relevant.

The Recommended practice exercises Strelnikova at any age: kids and adults. As a therapeutic therapy exercises to do morning and evening before meals, an hour and a half after eating. As a preventive measure are recommended exercises once a day, in the morning. It replaces usual charging. You can practice it and in the evening as the features of the exercise are such that the fatigue goes away, easier to fall asleep.

COPD breathing exercises Strelnikova

The Smell of burning

Breathing exercises with COPD starts with an active and noisy breath. You can imagine if there was a smell of burning. How noisy and active under the influence of stress would you sniff? So you need to do and when you exercise.

Usually make mistakes when performing in the methodology of breath. Trying to draw air long enough to get more oxygen. Actually you need to do so: a breath should be like the shot, very short, but very powerful. Possible, strive for naturalness. Try to think about the breath and not be distracted by extraneous thoughts.

Anxiety &...

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