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Every person something or someone is afraid. In principle, this is normal – not afraid of anything only those who are not aware of the dangers and risks. But there are the usual fears and phobias there is, and they pretty much differ from each other. And if you get rid of fear is in principle possible, but not necessary, that the phobia is treated.


Everyone knows that there are no phenomena without causes. Everything happens by itself, and is caused by certain prerequisites. Is there any human emotion, enthusiasm, joy and even fear something so called. That is why it is impossible to get rid of something, without knowing previously the reasons. This method also works with fears: before to fight them, one must confess, what causes them. However, make it easy only at first glance.

What distinguishes fear from phobia? Fear is a normal reaction to extreme or simply life-threatening situation. Instinct of self-preservation, without which it simply does not function.

Perfectly healthy and normal are fears that the man was put by the nature, because they are primarily determined by the survival instinct, self-protection and self-preservation. This, for example, fear of heights, deep water, fires, snakes and other dangerous reptiles. So with such fears to fight it, of course, if the dream of a lifetime are not the profession of the worker, a fireman or diver.

how to treat phobias

However, sometimes the fears grow into phobias, and this is a strong reason to consult a doctor. Phobia-is the fear that cannot be explained. He's not just unsubstantiated and unfounded, is not required for survival, besides the  useless. Phobia-is the fear of something, most often completely harmless, or repeated multiplication of danger.


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For example, fear – when for fear of buzzing insects people will never go to the apiary will not get into the hive to bees and will bypass the tenth expensive trays of fruit, over which in summer, circling wasps. But the phobia – for fear of encountering dangerous insects to sit at home bezvylazno, and even the Windows do not open. And then suddenly by something fly.

Phobia – the feeling is extremely unpleasant, and fully immersive consciousness, and not giving the person adequate to look at things reasonably and logically to think. Experiences possess the mind, and man can do something stupid and even dangerous.

For Example, a rather silly phobia-the fear of bald, the so-called peladophobia. Sounds funny, but there are people who are very conceited indeed. Or, conversely, suffer from pogonophobia – fear of a bearded. Yes, nonsense, but nonsense is real. Many people know the cause of their phobias. The other unknown, and then you should go to a psychologist.

Phobia – it is a steady, constant and irrational fear accompanied by anxiety, palpitations, sweating, dry mouth or choking, trembling and even chest pain. Satellites phobias can be nausea, bad feeling in my stomach, dizziness and even fainting, as well as the feeling of unreality of objects and self. Phobias can cause loss of control, up to complete madness, chills, or a fever, numbness or tingling in the body.

get rid of fear

The Most common phobias are social phobia (fear of publicity, of attention, fear of mistakes on people, humiliation and embarrassment) and agoraphobia (fear of getting into a situation when not around people can help in case of emergency). The other phobia is called isolated and isolated many species. This, for example, fear of cats, spiders, ticks, dare, dogs, fear of height, water depth or thunder with the lightning, fear of darkness, fire, sea, rain, closed spaces, something alien, crowds, critics, and many others.

As you can see even from this short list, the meaning of such fears there is not the slightest. And we need to fight them, if phobias affect the capacity of a person to intervene in life and cause stress. How to treat phobias? First of all, appeal to the specialist. And the easiest way that the doctor advises is a gradual and forced accustoming oneself to the object that is causing such irrational fear. In addition, the use of hypnosis, self-hypnosis. When the phobia will be able to get rid of, life will be much better.

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