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Introducing category management, almost all organizations face certain problems and challenges. If you do not understand this question, the consequences of such implementation will bring a lot more damage than usual. You first need to clearly understand why the need for change and know category managers – who he is and what they can give to the company.category managers who

Why is there a problem?

Often, the inefficiency of the system due to the fact that the company does not operate in accordance with the selected philosophy. This can be caused by a lack of proper control levers or the unwillingness of staff to embrace change. Conflicts can lead to massive layoffs, problems with the product or failures in the labour process.

To category management has been successfully implemented, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive approach. Should cover all aspects of the company's activities, never missing a block.


To Start the change needed in the building of the new structure of the organization. It is based on the main principle: the control is performed not only vertically but also horizontally. All units interact and affect each other's work, so in case of problems, will not be “extreme”.

To properly answer the question: “Category Manager – who is it?" you must understand that he is responsible for the business. Therefore appoint for the position of accountant or economist initially wrong.

Job description

To properly prepare this document, it is advisable to learn from the experience of organizations who have successfully implemented category management. If this is not possible, you must be aware of the basic terms of decentralization, the transfer of some management aspects, providing the opportunity to make their own decisions, the concentrations of various functions of the company in the same hands.category Manager who is


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Where to take experts?

To figure out where to look for staff, you need to understand category managers – who is it? It is almost impossible to recruit a “ready” specialist. The head will benefit a lot more if you try to see desired qualities in existing employees. The main ability that you need to have – to be able to think like a buyer. It is important that the potential candidate has different sense of purpose and ambition. Then the chances of success will be much greater.

Main responsibilities

Thinking, category Manager – who, it is important to understand that it is not the buyer and not the seller. In the first place it is a Manager. His responsibilities include the bypass outlets of competitors and analysis of their activity. It is very important enough to pay much attention to marketing and promotion category. During the analysis, we need to use all available means of automation. Outdated software makes it impossible to see the whole picture and to effectively manage processes.

Category Manager must learn to negotiate. It requires a lot of effort and time, but the result is worth it. There are special trainings and courses.category Manager job


The Director is obliged to know, what should the category Manager. His work is quite versatile, but first and foremost it covers areas such as merchandising, Analytics and negotiation.

Specialist should be able to make and analyze reports in the following areas:

  • Markup in the dynamics – daily;
  • The change in the value of purchases – every day for the previous;
  • Analysis of all groups and subgroups of products, evaluation of marginal income – when you enter a product in the range, or when its withdrawal;
  • Turnover, as well as display and price changes of competitors – twice per month.


If you understand, category managers – who is, the introduction of new concepts will be easy and give good results. To communicate with the people they spend almost most of their time. The reason for the negotiations could be the following:

  • Higher prices on purchases;
  • The discrepancy between the contract price and that specified in the supply;
  • Short delivery;
  • The desire of the supplier to diversify;
  • Change scope of delivery or place of calculations. Some responsibilities can take on the assistant category Manager;
  • Contracts;
  • Discussion of discounts, promotions and bonuses;
  • Product return, replacement, carrying out acts of reconciliation;
  • Other important reasons, requiring the presence of the two parties.assistant category Manager


Not every Manager can directly answer the question: “Category managers – who is it?” They should know the basic rules of merchandising and be able to use them. But a certain percentage of creativity in this profession is welcome, therefore, the requirements can ‘diluted’ creativity.

If the company will strictly follow the basic principles of category management, that soon the organization will reach a new level. Arising conflicts should be resolved peacefullyby explaining to employees the essence of the new concept.

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