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Honeysuckle, the calorie content of which does not exceed thirty calories, is a berry that ripens early enough even in very cold areas. It has a sweet flavor and deep blue color. Berries covered with a whitish bloom. Many grow honeysuckle (its caloric value is low, and the list of useful properties is quite extensive) on their garden plots. Let's remember what dishes you can prepare with this berry, given its unusual taste.

honeysuckle calorie

Honeysuckle: calorie and use

This berry has a high content of vitamins and organic acids. If you never planted the honeysuckle, the description will help you learn it. It is oblong, dark blue berries, the skin which is often covered with a whitish bloom, like the skin of plums. She has a pleasant and slightly unusual tart taste. The berries of some varieties of honeysuckle taste bitter. This property compels to add an increased amount of sugar in jam, jams, compotes and other products. But most cultivated varieties have a pleasant taste without bitterness. Honeysuckle, caloric content which is comparable with the calorie content of watermelon and some vegetables (zucchini, carrots),– the first spring berries, which can be successfully used in diets. honeysuckle descriptionFor people seeking to reduce the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, often cut back in your diet and vitamins, which affects the complexion, General health. The inclusion in the diet berries – the perfect solution in this case. They are low in calories, have excellent taste, as well as properties of antioxidants and vitamin C, comparable to its content in kiwifruits and lemons. Sodium, zinc, manganese and iodine are also very good for health losing weight women and can be obtained from the berries of honeysuckle without increasing calorie intake. Even those who do not care about their figure and weight, can appreciate the healing properties of this product. Because honeysuckle has long been used in folk medicine for asthenic conditions, anorexia, fevers, swelling, problems with blood vessels, reduced immunity. It wonderfully affects skin condition, so it is recommended for eczema, ulcers and allergies.  honeysuckle reviewsBut not everyone likes it, and it is not always possible to eat fresh honeysuckle. Reviews about various dishes made from frozen berries, always favorable. Those who are included in your diet juices, and jellies from it, noted their excellent taste and a beneficial effect on digestion.

Procurement of honeysuckle

The Season of this wonderful healing berries quickly. But if you have a positive attitude to conservation, you can make a delicious and healthy piece, such as jam, compote or candy. For the compote you need four hundred grams of sugar per kilo of berries and as much water. Washed honeysuckle fill the jars and pour the hot syrup, and then pasteurized and roll. You can eliminate sugar, you need to take twice as honeysuckle and half of berries squeeze the juice. The second half pour instead of a syrup liquid.

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