A simple and delicious salad with egg pancakes


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In the cold season, often want to pamper yourself and your loved ones with something tasty and nutritious. To replace summer salads with fresh vegetables at our table, come dishes more substantial. These include a salad with egg pancakes. It is prepared simply and quickly, and the taste is amazingly gentle.

egg pancake recipe

Egg pancake: a recipe

This is the main ingredient of our salad, so start cooking we will be with him. We will need two raw eggs and a flat tablespoon of potato starch. In a wide pan carefully whisk the eggs until a homogeneous mass and add salt. Salt is better not to abuse, just one pinch. Starch is gradually added to the eggs, without stopping whisking. Heat well a frying pan with a small diameter, pour on it quite a bit of vegetable oil without smell and pour half of the egg-starch turbulence. Fry on high heat very quickly for about a minute on each side of the pancake. They do the same with the rest. Spread on a plate and let cool to room temperature egg pancakes for the salad. The recipe calls for cutting the finished product into strips of a width of about 1 centimeter. To do this, roll the pancake into a tube and cut. Too long strip being cut so that their length does not exceed 3 centimeters.

Salad with egg pancakes: prepare the remaining ingredients

salad with egg pancakes

The First thing shinkuem fresh cabbage thin strips. For 6 servings of salad enough 400 grams of this vegetable. Lightly add salt and diligently MNU hands chopped cabbage. The next ingredient going into our salad with egg pancakes and smoked sausage. We also cut into thin strips. You will need 200 grams of this product. Mild hard cheese (150 grams) is rubbed on a coarse grater. Now go to the onion. The salad is enough for one medium onion. It should be very finely cut into cubes, pour boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Then drain onions in a colander and give it a good dry.


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Salad with egg pancakes: assemble the dish

All the ingredients of our salad is ready, you can start assembling them into a single dish. It's all quite simple: pour all the ingredients into a bowl in which the salad will be served, stir, if necessary podsalvage and mayonnaise.

Variations on a theme

egg pancakes salad recipe

Cooking is always a creative work, so the recipe is not a strict statement that you have observed. People who do not want to use smoked sausage can replace it in this salad boiled chicken breast. Spicy food lovers will like a more brutal version of the salad: smoked chicken fillet cut into cubes, as crushed boiled potatoes, cut the onions fairly coarsely, and boiling water is not poured. A couple of cloves of garlic, missed through chesnokodavku, will give the salad a special flavor. Cheese and egg crepes are crushed in the same way as in the basic recipe. Top the salad you can mix soy sauce and mayonnaise in the ratio 1:1. Be creative and have fun!

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