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What is a pea flour? What dishes can be prepared from this product? To these and other questions we will answer in this article.pea flour

General product information

Pea flour is a dietary product available to absolutely everyone. It is used for nutrition, improving their health, and intake adequate amount of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts.

Pea flour sold in almost all stores. However, some cooks prefer to make it at home. To this end, they use normal peas which are ground in a coffee grinder.

The product is baked bread, cooked pasta and confectionery products and vegetable patties, cakes, salty or sweet biscuits.

The Main feature of this flour is that when frying, it is not absorbs any animal fat or vegetable oil.

Pea flour: use

For the amount of protein, this vegetable product is often compared with some types of meat. And the content of mineral salts and vitamins it even surpasses them. Another advantage of pea flour is its cheapness, and lack of cholesterol.

The Biological value of the product in question is several times higher than traditional wheat flour. The crushed peas are rich in such nutrients as vitamins E and A, fiber and Pantothenic acid. In addition, it contains calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.pea puree

Pea flour is very useful for human health. Because it is a natural source of the essential amino acids like threonine and lysine. In addition, this product contains a special substance that is called pyridoxine. It is actively engaged in the synthesis of the said amino acids, as well as in the processes of their decomposition. A deficiency of this element can cause convulsions and dermatitis.


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The item Considered useful by the fact that in its composition contains a large amount of selenium. This substance provides a good anti-carcinogenic agent.

Cuisine of pea flour

This product can be used for cooking various meals at home. Most often used to make a delicious diet smoothie. For this purpose, such available components, such as:

  • Flour, pea – approximately 350 g;
  • Water – 800 ml;
  • Butter fresh – about 15 g;
  • Salt and spices – use to your liking.

The brewing Process

Pease pudding can serve as not only a great diet dish, but a delicious side dish to meat or fish. In the preparation of such a dinner is no big deal.dishes made from pea flour

First, drinking water is brought to a boil in a deep saucepan, then gradually pour into it the chopped peas. If you want to be uniform and as gentle puree, the flour should be sifted through a sieve.

As soon As the dish starts to thicken, for him to taste add salt and various spices. Stirring constantly, you have to be willing pea puree remove from heat and cool slightly. It must be noted that in the process of cooling the mass of beans of the product will noticeably thicken.

At the end In the finished dish add fresh butter, and then intensely in the way. Only after this sauce is served to the dining table.

We Make delicious homemade pancakes

Cooking of pea flour is not time consuming. Regular bean product is placed in the grinder and badly crushed. Having powdered the mass, it is sifted through a fine sieve.

If such a process seems time-consuming for you, you pea flour can be purchased in the store.

cooking of pea flour

What to make of this useful and rich in vitamins product? Many cooks make him some delicious homemade pancakes. To do this, they are stocking the following ingredients:

  • Pea flour, homemade or store-bought-about 200 g;
  • Turmeric – approximately ¾ dessert spoons;
  • Salt sodium chloride – 1 dessert spoon;
  • Ground pepper-1 pinch;
  • Ginger ground – 0,5 dessert spoons;
  • Fresh dill-a small bundle;
  • Soda slaked – ½ a small spoon;
  • Water – about 300 ml;
  • Cherry tomatoes – about 10 PCs.
  • Pepper Bulgarian red-1 PCs.
  • Fresh garlic-2 cloves;
  • Whole wheat flour-about 100 g.

Prepare the dough

To make homemade pancake should be viscous pea knead the dough. It must be noted that it is done very differently than a classic basis.

First in a separate bowl, mix pea flour with whole wheat. Then here and also add turmeric, salt, pepper and ground ginger. Mix all dry components to them gradually pour regular drinking water. The result obtained is quite viscous, but homogeneous dough.

To make homemade pancakes more delicious, they certainly add additional ingredients. As they use fresh dill, cherry tomatoes and sweet pepper. All of these products are pre-washed and heavily crushed byknife.

Also, the dough spread slaked soda and cloves of garlic. The latest release from the husk and RUB on a little of pea flour


As soon As all products will be in one dish, they intensely mix with spoon. As a result, get a sticky dough with visible inclusions of vegetables and herbs. Then proceed to frying it. This is very much heat a regular pan. In it pour in a little oil, and then spread through tablespoon.

Fry the following items in exactly the same way as the classic sweet pancakes. After reddening bottom of their turn over and cook similarly.

Ready to Grease Browns oil is not recommended. It is desirable to add it to the pan before each layout test. In this case, you will not only get rosy and beautiful, but juicy dish.


To Serve lunch pancakes from a pea flour preferably hot. It should be recalled that such products are not sweet. Therefore, they can be used not only with tea but also with any of the sauces.

To Summarize

Now you know what to make of pea flour. There are many recipes that involve the use of mentioned product. Thanks to him, home-cooked meals are not only very tasty and unusual, but b nutritious, healthy.pea flour use

In addition to fritters and mashed potatoes, pea flour in a small amount and add to the dough for baking bread, doughnuts, cakes and other culinary products. Also this product is very often make home-made vegetarian sausages. Nutrient such products are not inferior to meat his "brethren".

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