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I'm Sure many remember the days when almost all the shops were filled with such delicious and delicate dessert, like cake “witch”. “favourites” - confectionery and baking the plant recently resumed production of this sweet dish. If in your city there is no dessert, then do not worry. After all, today we'll walk through how to make a cake "the enchantress” according to GOST at home. Moreover, in order to simplify the procedure of baking cakes and not use gas (electric) stove, we decided to only use the slow cooker.

cake Charmer

Sweet cake “wizard” in multivarka: recipe

Before you make such an easy dessert, bake light and fluffy cakes. For this we need:

  • Sifted wheat flour-200 g;
  • Sand sugar – 200 g;
  • Large chicken egg-4 PCs.
  • Vegetable oil-for baking;
  • The vinegar and soda dining room – 5 g.


Delicious cake is only a “witch” is derived from the biscuit base. For making such cakes, you should separate the whites and yolks in different bowl, then add the last ingredient, the sugar and crush with a spoon hot. In terms of protein, it is recommended to cool and then massage into a rich lather, using a hand whisk or mixer.

After done actions both components must be mixed, to extinguish in them tablespoon baking soda with vinegar and add the sifted wheat flour. As a result, you should obtain a viscous liquid and the dough.

Baking cakes

cake Charmer in a slow cooker recipe

Cake "the enchantress” is prepared in a slow cooker is much easier and faster than in the oven. In this regard, we have decided to use is represented by a kitchen appliance. The Cup should be lubricated with oil, and then pour all of the previously mixed dough. Next you want to put the slow cooker in the baking mode and the timer set for 40 minutes. After this time it is necessary to check the readiness of the cake by sticking a toothpick or knife. If the base does not stick to the subject, then the cake can be safely removed from the bowl. It is desirable to completely cool, beautifully cut edges with a plate of the necessary diameter (if required), and then divide in half. In the end you should have two thin sponge cake.


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The Necessary ingredients for a cream

Cream cake “witch” should get a light, delicate and very tasty. He is 1/3 of the whole dessert. Thus, for the preparation of the air filling we will need:

  • Milk fat fresh – 400 ml;
  • Sugar white sand – 200 g;
  • Flour, sifted-50 g;
  • Butter fresh butter (not margarine) - 50 g;
  • Eggs large chicken – 2 PCs.

cream cake enchantress

The brewing Process

This cream is very easy and fast. But it turned out really tasty and tender, be sure to follow all the rules in his cooking. First we need to whip the eggs with a whisk directly in the bowl multivarki. Next to them you want to pour the sugar and pour in fresh milk fat. Mix these components should be as long as sweet bulk ingredient is completely dissolved. Then to the resulting mass must add the wheat flour and put the device into baking mode. In this part of the basis for the cream you want to cook until thick, stirring constantly with a spoon. At the end of the program the slow cooker to suspend, and to the hot mixture to spread soft butter. Next, the cream should be severely beat with a mixer, and after receipt lush mass to cool in calm air.

Components for the glaze

As you know, the cake “witch” is covered with a thick layer of chocolate glaze. To do this the sweetness it is possible for different recipes. However, according to GOST, the coating requires the use of the following components:

  • Thick fat sour cream-100 g;
  • Sand sugar – 100 g;
  • Butter fresh – 100 g;
  • Cocoa powder – 50 g.

cake Charmer in a slow cooker

The brewing Process

Surprisingly, this frosting is just a few minutes. To do this, mix the thick rich cream with powdered sugar and then put them in a baking mode and gradually bring to the boil, cosipa cocoa powder. Once you get a homogeneous mass of dark color, it is necessary to add fresh butter and wait until it is completely dissolved, stirring regularly with a spoon. As a result, you should get a semi-liquid glaze. It should be noted that this coating hardens quite quickly. So cook it better after cake “witch” is already fully formed.

The Process of formation and decoration of the dessert

Going sweet good magic under the name “witch” very easy and fast. The main requirement is that all components were prepared in advance. Thus, we need to take cortico or a large round plate and then put it on sponge cake. In turn, the basis should be a thick layerput the chilled cream. Moreover, this stuffing needs to be about 1/3 of the entire dessert. Because due to the content of so many light and delicate cream your cake will turn out incredibly tasty and lush. Next on the toppings you want to place the second sponge cake, slightly hurting his hand for the sustainability of the dessert. If we consider the product side, it is very difficult to distinguish the boundaries of the base and the cream. After all, they should be almost the same color.

cake Charmer Cheremushki

At the end of making a cake, you should make the frosting for the above recipe, and then pour it all dessert, including side. In the end you'll have a beautiful and delicate piece, which is recommended to maintain in the freezer at least a day. It fully hardens, it will become more sustainable and delicious.

If cake “witch” is intended for a children's party, it is optional to sprinkle some confectionary ornaments. In addition, with the remnants of cream and a cooking syringe on the surface of the dessert, you can write the name of the birthday boy and a few congratulatory words. Believe me, this homemade sweet products will not give any one a sweet tooth.

How to present a dessert to the table?

At the end of the day cake “wizard” will be fully ready to use. Before serving it should be cut into portion pieces, put into a small saucer and to present guests with hot tea. Bon appetit!

Useful tips for Housewives

cake Charmer GOST

To Prepare this dessert, you can not according to GOST. Because modern cooks are always trying to make standard dishes more delicious and unusual. Typically, such a desire leads to the fact that in the usual formulation are added to any of its ingredients. So, the cake can be made entirely of chocolate. For this sponge dough and the cream, you also need to put a few tablespoons of cocoa powder. As for top coat, some Housewives make it not dark, but rather bright. It is necessary to buy two tiles white chocolate and then melt them on a slow fire, adding a few tablespoons of fresh milk and the same of butter. In the end, the appearance of the dessert, it is quite unusual, but taste and texture remain the same. So, fantasizing and combining different ingredients, you can at home to create a truly culinary masterpieces, from which will be delighted absolutely all the guests.

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