Preparations for the winter: pickled beets for the winter without sterilization


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Pickling is one of the popular types of home canning. The main preservative is the vinegar, which can suppress the occurrence of micro-organisms. It thus ensures the safety of products. Canning vinegar put in the marinade or in the container with the prepared vegetables, spices. In addition, the fill add sugar, table salt and various spices, which are listed in each recipe. The spices give the product a specific flavour and taste, and their constituent essential oils act as a preservative. Today we will look at how to make pickled beets for the winter without sterilization. First of all, in preparation for the conservation phase, the products are washed, cut and peel, boil or marinate fresh, put in jars and cover the filling with salt and spices. However, we will talk about this in more detail.

pickled beets for the winter without sterilization

Pickled Beets

Ingredients: beets, Bay leaf, pepper peas. the Marinade: in one liter of water take one hundred grams of sugar, hundred grams of salt, one hundred grams of table vinegar.

Cooking. Before pickling beets for the winter, it must be washed and boiled. Then she cleaned and tightly put in jars, cut large fruit into pieces, add Bay leaf, pepper, cloves to taste. Banks with wash and pour over boiling water.

Cooking marinade

The Water is heated to boiling, poured into the banks and leave for ten minutes, covering them with lids. Then drained, added to the liquid salt, vinegar and sugar, boil. Again, pour the beets and roll covers. Container turn the necks down and check for leaks. The finished product is well suited for soups and borscht.


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pickled beets for the winter

Beets, pickled, without sterilization

In this recipe the beets you can roll on the winter, and can be stored under nylon covers. Vegetables are best taken with a uniform color, without rings of white color on the cut.

Ingredients: beets of the same size. the Marinade: one glass of water, fifty grams of table vinegar, one spoon sugar, half spoon salt and a few peas black and allspice, three cloves, a Bay leaf.

Cooking. Before going to prepare pickled beets for the winter without sterilization, you must root vegetables to cook. Meanwhile, make the marinade. All the necessary ingredients are mixed and cooked for a few minutes, after which the mixture is cooled.

Vegetables are cleaned and cut into strips or cubes, are arranged on a pre-prepared banks, which then add a spoon of vinegar. Then the beets are filled with chilled marinade and rolled.

how to pickle beets for the winter

Simple recipe for canning beets

Ingredients: the small size of the roots. the Marinade: one liter of water, fifty grams of salt.

Cooking. Pickled beets for the winter is done as follows. In sterile jars, put chopped pieces of vegetables and pour the hot marinade. Tara then turn upside down and cooled.

Beets for the winter: recipe classic

Ingredients: roots of a saturated uniform color. the Marinade: one glass of water, two hundred grams of table vinegar, one teaspoon sugar, half teaspoon salt, four peppercorns, two Bay leaves, cinnamon paparacci.

Trade. this recipe for pickled beets for the winter without sterilization is prepared very simply and quickly. To do this, the vegetables are washed and boiled, cool, peel and cut into wedges. Product put into the container. Then transferred to the cooking marinade. All the necessary ingredients bring to the boil and pour a mixture of beets. Then cover with a lid and leave for twelve hours. The passage of time to be able to eat pickled beets for the winter. It is also entirely possible to cook, but it needs to find the roots of the small size. Store the product in the banks, covered with plastic covers, in a cool place.

pickled beets for the winter entirely

Quick recipe pickled beets

Ingredients: two pounds of beets. the Marinade: half a Cup of vinegar, one teaspoon sugar, one teaspoon salt, three dry cloves.

Cooking. The beets are boiled, cleaned and cut at its discretion. Vegetables are placed into the previously prepared clean jars and pour the hot marinade, hermetically sealed. Tara wrapped a towel and leave like this for as long as the product is completely cool. Ready pickled beets for the winter without sterilization can be used as a standalone salad. For this it is added chopped green onion, greens, vegetable oil. Also the dish can be used for preparing vinaigrettes, Sokolnikov, borscht and so on.


Thus, the preparation of preservation on winter vegetables is not too difficult. Pickling beets is very simple, the main thing - to choose the right roots. They should be small in size, deep uniform color, without the white circles on the section. Adhering to the proportions incooking the marinade, you can get a delicious and nutritious product that many people use as a self-starter, and for cooking various dishes.

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