How to make hash Browns from potatoes, potato pies, and dumplings with potatoes correctly


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To learn how to make hash Browns from potatoes correctly, it is necessary to read a lot of recipes to try to cook them and feel the difference. True Belarusian pancakes are only cooked potatoes without adding flour and different toppings like mushrooms, meat or ham. If long and often cook this dish, you will certainly be to know how to make hash Browns from potatoes.

For the pancakes, you can use not all in a row, the potatoes, because the taste of these pancakes depends on the variety, place of growth and freshness of root. Potatoes early-maturing varieties not suitable for cooking pancakes. Freshly picked is not very suitable for this purpose, better if it is pre-laid there for a couple months. Very tasty pancakes of yellow potatoes. To understand the suitability of potatoes for potato pancakes need to cook a small amount and all will become clear.

How to make hash Browns from potatoes

You First need to peel the potatoes - at this stage no special difficulties.

Then grind on the smallest grater, which is similar to a piece of metal with a hammered and then removed nails. The process is quite tedious, but the result is worth it.

If you need to cook a lot of pancakes, you can cut the potatoes in cubes of about 2 cm, and then grind in a food processor to a state of porridge.

The Following processes do not depend on the milling method. To get rid of the juice, which makes the dough liquid and gives it the blue, you have chopped the potatoes to drain in a mesh colander and wait ten minutes. Excess juice will drain and not need pressing, so that the pancakes don't become too dry. After the juice stack it should be carefully drained and settled to the bottom to add starch to the dough.


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The dough will go to potato mixture, salt, starch and eggs about two to ten potatoes. Knead well.

We will need a frying pan with a thick bottom, better than cast iron. Fry pancakes need in vegetable oil, pour it a lot. The dough on the pan, put the pancakes with a thickness of about a centimeter. Fry on fairly high heat so the pancakes turned out Golden for a couple of minutes. Then turn over and Dozhivem.

How to make hash Browns from potatoes? Easy!

How to make cakes with potatoes

You Can cook pies with potatoes in many different ways, using different types of dough: yeast, puff, sweet, yogurt. Patties can be fried or baked. What unites them is the filling, for the preparation of which, as a rule, the potatoes are first boiled and then pounded her until puréed and add fried onions. The filling definitely need salt. You can add dill, pepper, green onion, egg, cheese, mushrooms, liver, nutmeg – but this is different options for the filling of potatoes. It all depends on the preferences of those who are going to cook these patties.

How to make dumplings with potatoes

Very simple, but has its own tricks. First you need knead the dough from three cups of flour, Cup water, teaspoon salt and half teaspoon of baking soda. Don't be alarmed that it turned out dense – wrap in foil and leave for half an hour.

Boil the potatoes in their skins, to keep his spirit and nutrients.

At this time, fry the onion, cut into small pieces, until transparent.

Ready the potatoes should be cleaned and pound, add salt and a little more than half of the bow.

Set a pot of water on the fire, add the pepper, onion and Bay leaf and you can sculpt dumplings.

Roll out the Dough sausage, cut in small pieces and roll out each. Put the ready stuffing and zasiyaet.

The Finished dumplings put in boiling water and after it comes up, diminish the fire.

Cook about a minute, take out, spread on top the remaining fried onions and eat with sour cream.

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