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The Extracts are a natural product prepared from beer wort using traditional technology and malted grains, mostly barley. They come in dry and liquid, neohmelennoe (without adding hops), and hopped.

Malt extract. What is it?

It is a dried or concentrated essence, made from barley malt, most of which have found application in the food industry. Using the extract was prepared malted milk, cereal to use for Breakfast, supplements to the test, the feed mixture for animals. In order to prepare malt extracts, use grains such as barley and rye.

Malt extracts

The Extracts are malt and feed. Barley low grade grows with fine grains, containing high amounts of protein, poorly digestible starch. The husk is thick and is not suitable for drinking. Malt extracts for beer prepared from grains of high quality. To brew a good drink, you need to be sure of this.

How to prepare an extract?

For that you need the barley to soak and dry that they began to germinate. This is necessary in order to activate the enzymes that decompose the starch, which feeds the embryo. It is important to use them correctly. From the time of germination of seeds should be dried in a special oven. This is done to stop the process on the most favorable stage for the brewers. Thus, contains all the necessary nutrients. It is the grain with the committed stage of germination is called malt, which is divided into many varieties, each of which has its own taste, odor, color. Is light malt, Vienna, Munich, roast, chocolate, dried. From his choice depends on what kind of beer.


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Malt extracts for beer

Production of the extract begins with grinding and soaking grain in hot water. It is necessary for the resumption and acceleration of process of formation of enzymes, which turns the supply of starch in the grain into sugar, which gives the fermentation. The sprouted grain is called green malt. He is more active. The result is a solution of sugars called wort. It is first boiled, then mixed with hops, and to ferment the yeast is added. To obtain the extract, the wort is placed into the evaporator, where the solution thickens. Thus, malt extract – is a concentrated wort. If you can buy it and breed at home, get normal, the wort is prepared in industrial conditions.

Boil the wort needed for the destruction of thermostable proteins. If this is not done, the beer will be turbid, spoil its taste and smell. Malt extracts for beer sold in powder and syrup. For obtaining of dry product in the syrup is heated, it is sprayed into a hot chamber, it is the droplets dry out and begins to settle on the vessel wall. Dry extracts of hops there, their composition similar to syrup.

The Malt extract is hopped

The Most complex stage in the process of brewing is mashing. To get a hopped malt extract, malt is added to the hops that give the beer bitterness and aroma.

Hopped malt extract

Improving the biological durability of the beer increases the foaming. This is done after mixing the malt with water and heating it to a temperature of 75 degrees, when the starch will dissolve and go into sugar.

After adding the hops the wort is cooled, it becomes saturated with air. So improving the fermentation, which should take place in hermetically sealed containers installed therein a hydraulic lock. A few days later, the fermentation ends and the beer is bottled in bottles. It is added with malt extract or sugar.

Beer malt extract

After the dishes clog and leave for fermentation. Beer malt extract ready.

Malt extract neohmelennoe

It is prepared without the addition of hops, which opens up great possibilities for experimentation. This beer you can easily prepare your own recipe at home. Neohmelennoe malt extract is an important ingredient for producing high-quality beer. It is used for making different varieties of beer, it replaces sugar in the production of the wort. Getting such malt extracts of Mature malted grain. They contain a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Neohmelennoe malt extract

To substitute sugar, malt extract neohmelennoe used in the following proportions:

  • Three pounds of liquid product to replace one kilogram of sugar.
  • When replacing one kilogram of sugar for the same amount of dry product obtained neohmelennoe beer of the highest quality.
  • If one kilogram of sugar, add 0.5 kg of dry extract, increase the malt flavor of beer, it will be stronger by 20%.

Barley-malt extract

To obtain use of light barley brewing malt. Feature of the technological process is the replacement of malt and raw barley (30%), which complements the compositionvitamins that have a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, barley malt extract is actively used as additives to various confectionery and bakery products, meat and dairy products.

barley malt Extract

To fully remove the extractives, it is better to use enzymes and brewer's yeast in the liquid state. Extract of barley-malt can be stored at room temperature for four months. Different ruggedness due to the large amount of dry matter (75%). Malt extracts preserve the useful properties at low temperatures, which is convenient during long transportation in the winter.

The Technology of preparation of homemade beer

By using malt extract you can quickly and easily make beer at home. To do this:

  • With the banks, which contains the concentrate, to remove the cover, remove the package of yeast.
  • Hold the jar under hot water for ten minutes.
  • Mix the contents of the jar with three liters of boiling hot water.
  • In the resulting liquid mixture add 1 kg of sugar or malt extract without hops.
  • All stir well and add cold water in the amount of 19 liters. Total should have 23 litres of prepared solution.
  • Pour the yeast from the packet.
  • Leave the mixture to ferment for one week. The temperature should be room.
  • After this time to sterilize the bottles and pour into the wort.
  • For each liter add 10 grams of sugar or a couple of drops.
  • For three days leave bottles at rest at room temperature, let the drink dobrazhivaetsya.
  • Then place the bottles with the beer for two weeks in a place where the temperature is 10 degrees or less.
  • Beer is ready to drink, but the taste was more rich and rich, you should hold it closed for another two months.

Coopers Malt extracts

They are made by an Australian company Coopers. Extracts intended for brewing beer at home. They represent the brewing concentrated wort that is produced in the factory, and the extract evaporated to complete or partial removal of the liquid, depending on what you want to. In the first case we obtain a dry concentrate, in the second – liquid.

coopers Malt extracts

A Poet, if the house be diluted with water malt extract, you get the most of the present industrial must, on the basis of which you will prepare a delicious beer.

Useful properties

The Malt has a positive effect on the human body. Malt extracts contain a large number of trace elements soluble substances contained in the beans. In its composition has a phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, selenium, calcium and vitamins. Malt is valued high content of protein, possessing the necessary set of amino acids that stimulate the growth and development of muscles.

The Use of barley malt is undeniable. In the composition of the grains contains insoluble fiber, which can stimulate digestion, bowel function, cleanse the body of toxins. The barley grain contains a lot of dietary fiber and vitamin “B4”. Together, they create a good choleretic effect, prevent the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Barley malt has wound-healing and shielding properties, damage of the mucous membranes of the intestines and stomach. As preventive means from diseases such as colitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis is the daily use of infusion of barley malt.

Rye Malt is a highly energetic food, is able to restore and strengthen the human body. So it is recommended to drink with anemia, exhaustion. Rye malt taking at high loads to increase muscle mass. It is used as a diabetic product due to contained in its composition substances that slow down the digestion of carbohydrates. Malt normalizes blood sugar. With it regulated production of natural insulin.

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