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What a variety of dishes prepared from dough, in which the main ingredient is flour! It's light bread and delicious cakes, crepes and cream cakes, cheese dumplings and crispy cookies… the List is endless. Consider what are the types of test and what are their main features. Have focused on yeast and puff pastries.

types of test

What are the principal divided the dough?

Any flour product is characterized by distinctive signs and features. From the test of what the prepared dish depends on its appearance and other distinctive properties. For example, we all know that air and light muffin made from yeast mass and loose biscuits - shortcrust mixture. List the main types of test that are popular:


- biscuit

- puff



- pelmeni;

- pancake.

All of these names are well familiar not only experienced Housewives, but novice cooks. But besides them, very often prepared and other kinds of dough to obtain a familiar and favorite meals.

- the message




- the cupcake.

Before starting, it is important to understand, due to the presence of what products the dough acquires the characteristic properties. Taking this into account when mixing, you can easily prepare the desired dish.

types of dough

Dependency test properties from its composition

To produce different pastry kneaded mass, different from each other based on the number of a particular product. Let us examine the dependence of test properties from its composition in the examples of some species.


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Test Types

Products, lending test the special properties

The Distinctive properties of the test

Some of the products which are made of this test


Water (milk), yeast

The Lightness, ease

Bread, rolls, cakes, pies


Butter, sugar

Crispness, friability

Cookies, cakes for cakes


Eggs, sugar

The Lightness, looseness

Cakes for the cakes


Water, eggs


Dumplings, dumplings


Butter and eggs

Layering, elasticity

Pastries, cakes, biscuits, puff pastry


Sour Cream, butter, eggs, soda

The Looseness, lightness

Cakes, cakes


Water (milk), butter, eggs

Saturation, malleability

Cakes, cookies

For the noodles


Density, elasticity

Noodles, different types of pasta and noodles

Types of yeast dough

The preparation, which provides the process of fermentation is perhaps the most popular and frequently used. Without a doubt, the most important product derived from yeast – it's bread. Why it turns out so light and soft? All in alcoholic fermentation, which produces carbon dioxide, giving the mass a lightness. The technology of preparation of yeast products may be different. Consider what happens in this regard, the types of dough.

- Sponge. Work on the preparation of the dough involves two stages. Initially shut out of the dough half of the flour and all of liquid. After waiting a certain time, the resulting vesicular mass is kneaded yeast dough and let it rise two times.

- straight Dough. It's a faster way of cooking. All products are gradually combined and are soft and easy dough for further fermentation, moulding and baking. This technique is most suitable for producing fine products.

types of puff pastry

The Secrets of making yeast products in dough

All kinds of dough fermentation include very long cooking. This applies particularly to the sponge method. Typically, the yeast is first diluted in a small amount of warm water with sugar. After that, fill up the flour until the dough will not be in consistency to resemble a very liquid sour cream. Cover with a lid or with cling film, placing the dishes with the dough in a warm place or wrapped. After 25-30 minutes, the surface formed bubble cap. You can then add to the batter the remainder of the liquid base, melted margarine, sour cream, eggs, sugar, and other components specified in the recipe. It is not necessary to pour a lot of flour to weight lost lightness and airiness. After kneading, allow the mass to infuse to increase at double the volume, and then, laying on the table, a good obamite. Yeast dough usually let go a couple of times. If it happeneda lot, and modeling products will take some time, put the rest in a cool place to slow the fermentation processes. Also don't forget to let the dough rise before baking.

principal test

Types of puff pastry

Despite its high caloric content, products of this test is loved by many. Puff pastry is different because it's light, crispy and very tasty. This and sweet cakes and cream cakes, and snack cakes. But how can you not mention sausage rolls or puff sugar cookies? For various flour products there are two basic methods of mixing yeast and fresh. But in any of the options necessarily provides for the phased reusable layer of rolled out layers of grease or oil, alternating with the obligatory cooling. In addition to the two major, there are other different types of test: beer, cheese, butter, etc. Each of them has its own special taste and characteristic differences. But despite the diverse composition, to obtain these masses requires special skills. Let's take a closer look at the secrets of obtaining a puff pastry. Not knowing them, even the experienced owner will not be solved in the home to cook delicious cakes.

different types of dough

What features of the preparation of puff pastry?

The Technology provides the separation into two phases.

First. Getting the test framework. If you plan to bake fresh cookies or cakes, then mix the floury mass, as dumplings or noodles. It is best to use water instead of milk, or a mixture of 1:1. Partial replacement of the liquid onto the egg yolks, the taste will be much sweeter. But still, these kinds of products from puff pastry, despite the presence of many thin layers, will not be too fluffy and airy. Therefore, often use a yeast-based prepared sponge dough method or a straight dough method. Before beginning the second stage it is necessary to cool. Otherwise, the fat component will not become a layer and will be absorbed into the dough.

Second. A layer of oil. It is the quality of the execution of this phase of the work and skills of the master depends on the appearance and taste of baked goods. Everything here has a special meaning: oil temperature, layers thickness, number of layers, the degree of unrolling. It is a little bit to break the technology, and the dough may start to break loose pieces or literally melt in his hands. Therefore, strictly follow the recipe and all the recommendations.

types of products from puff pastry

How to cook fresh puff pastry?

Before you start kneading, it is worth considering that for a layer will require the same amount of oil as the flour for the dough. Pour into a bowl of cool water, sprinkle salt and a little citric acid. Then to the mixture, beat the eggs and begin to quickly add the flour, kneading the dough to obtain a sufficient density of mass. After the mixture will begin to separate the hands, put it in a bowl and let stand in a cool place for at least half an hour. After the indicated time, roll out the piece evenly and place it in the center of the flat chilled layer of oil. It is important to choose the optimal ratio of the temperatures of the two masses. If the oil is too stiff, it will be impossible to uniformly distribute on a test basis. In the case of too soft when rolling it can be squeezed out. Cover with oil on all sides, having the rectangle, and roll the seam. Then put up only the lateral side and repeat the procedure. After cooling and re-sheeting put on top of the side open sections. Alternate stages of the test room in the fridge and rolled. Fresh dough usually has about 150-200 layers. Before baking, try to mold to spend as little time as possible, to semi-finished products is not overheated and does not lose shape.

Try to prepare these types of test, and explore other technologies for baking delicious baked goods!

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