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Today this very common problem when very swollen feet. Most of those who experience such difficulties – women. They suffer the discomfort and inconvenience associated with this symptom. And what if there is there are ways to avoid such problems? Only need to monitor their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why is this happening, and what to do, consider this article.

swollen feet what to doWhat swollen feet?

The Causes can be different. Here are some of them:

- insufficient number of muscle elements in the walls of veins;

genetic predisposition

- insufficient physical activity;

- heart problems;

- side effects due to the intake of any medicines;

kidney disease;

- the wrong shoes;

- disorders of lymph flow.

Legs are Swollen - what to do? The faithful and the first decisionswollen foot

Of Course, you need to immediately consult a doctor and not wait for more serious consequences or complications of the situation. If you are accustomed to throw one leg over the other or work where you have to stand for long periods on my feet, due to the poor circulation may cause sensations of heaviness in the legs or pain. All it says about the approach of the varicose veins. If you feel the work that the feet are as if numb, it can help an ordinary foot massage. However, sometimes leg swelling can be recognized by other diseases. For example, if the medial malleolus of the tibia on legs swollen simultaneously and symmetrically, it can be a sign of heart failure. If the swelling is accompanied by redness, fever, and inflammation of the vein, it can be a manifestation of thrombophlebitis. It happens that the diseases of other organs of the body leads to swelling in the legs, so before trying to remove edema, it is necessary to establish the cause of their appearance. If swollen feet what to do tell the doctor. To identify the cause only by a qualified specialist, so it is best to contact him for assistance. Phlebologist-specialist in vein.

Swollen feet what to do to prevent

To prevent such problems is to review your routine and diet. Foods that contain high levels of cholesterol can contribute to problems with the veins. Excessive salt intake also adversely affect the body and veins. Sausage, canned goods, bread and cheese is better to restrict the daily diet. You should not drink more than 1.5 liters of water a day. It is necessary to pay attention to these vegetables and fruits, as apricots, cucumbers, dried apricots and pumpkin.


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According to some leading cardiologists, natural diuretic foods are milk, honey, curd, lemon juice, ash, viburnum, and green tea, and green apples. Vitamins a, b, C, P and PP strengthen capillaries and blood vessels. These vitamins are rich in citrus fruits, carrots, cranberries, rose hips, black currants and other fruits.

Also for the prevention specialists provide the following tips:

  1. More activity: Biking, Hiking.
  2. No Smoking: Smoking destroys collagen, which is an important component of vessel walls.
  3. Proper clothing will also protect you from problems with the veins: tights, shoes, socks and other items of clothing and shoes that squeeze the veins and blood vessels.what swollen feet
  4. Feet need a mandatory rest period. Periodically raise your legs up, if the case allows for the blood to circulate, not zastaivayas in place.
  5. Watch your weight: excess weight contributes to the stagnation of blood in the vessels and impedes its circulation.
  6. Elastic stockings are well suited for the prevention of varicose veins. If you have swollen feet, you should wear light or extra-light stockings that can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  7. Well, if the nutritional Supplement you will take out trace elements: manganese, cobalt, iodine. These substances promote normal blood clotting and also give ease to his feet.
  8. After a hard day swollen feet? What to do? Ointments and foot massages help to relieve tension in the end of the day. If you sit often, try to touch toes at every opportunity.

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