How to organize a healthy sleep? How many hours should last sleep?


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Efficiency, activity, productivity, mobility, aggressiveness - these qualities require from us a crazy whirlwind of modern life. We are a diverse, multi-armed, fleet-footed, we're trying to succeed, we are indefatigable and inexhaustible. Where are the forces for a mad race?

how many hours need for sleep

Modern socially active a person is resting only in a dream, therefore, well-being ensures a healthy sleep. How many hours are we supposed to sleep? What should be the sleep to fully restore our powers, and the next morning we were ready again to rush into victorious battle with the countless hordes of worries and problems?

Why do people need to sleep

Why do we need sleep? How many hours needed for rest? The fact is that our brain literally governs all the processes in our body.

It – the generator of intelligence, and hence the source of new ideas, the right decisions that lead to success. He is responsible for developing reflexes, and therefore, for clarity of responses and muscular, psychological, and social.

It depends on the emotional sphere, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. It regulates hormonal balance, determines the libido, that is, practically defines a personal life.

It depends on the metabolism. For example, how many hours you need for healthy sleep in order not to get fat? After all, American studies have shown that nedosypayuschie people quickly gain weight.

how many hours does it take sound sleep of man

An Intense and diverse workload depletes the brain to the end of the day. He needs rehabilitation, and it is possible only in a dream. How much should take healthy sleep to the brain is fully recovered? What happens to us in a dream?


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What happens in the dream

During sleep in the human brain there are complex intensive neurophysiological processes. Everyone has heard about the fast and slow phases of sleep. Who knows what it means to each of us?

Sleep Phases, fast and slow, alternating and cycle. Cycles occur one after the other and clearly, it's proven, is limited in time about a hundred minutes.

REM sleep is characterized by pronounced inflow of blood to a region of the brain responsible for memory and emotions, that is, plays an important role in the formation of memories. In this phase, with full external passivity of the sleeping, the activity of the cortical layer of the brain is almost in half, the EEG recorded alpha rhythms. That is, until we sleep, the brain evaluates the day information.

In addition, in this phase, the observed emission intensity in the blood of hormones of adrenal glands, intensification of cerebral blood flow, fluctuations in blood pressure and pulse rate, erection. Awakening in REM sleep ensures well-being.

In the phase of slow sleep alpha waves gradually fade away, but aktiviziruyutsya visceral connection. Laboratory studies of the last 5 years have proved that in the phase of slow sleep is the regulation of visceral functions, i.e. internal organs. Since the cortex at this time, awakening in a phase of slow sleep will negatively impact on health.

To avoid waking up in REM, you should try to program a sleep duration for a number of hours, a multiple of 1.5. Significantly not only how long a sound sleep, but also the multiplicity of its duration is 1.5.

how long is a healthy sleep

How to organize your dream? How to exclude everything I can to prevent my date with Morpheus? How to secure a rest for as many hours as you need for a healthy sleep?

Observe the physiological clock

To go to bed before 22.00. Doctors insist sleep: proper sleep: from 22.00 to 07.00. You yourself noticed that pripodnesti to go to bed, then can't sleep. This is because you are tired and excited, and the excitement is not that other, as the initial stage of fatigue. And your temporary revival closer to night – a symptom of growing fatigue.

It is Therefore important not only how many hours does it take a sound sleep, but when you are sleeping. The sleep period must be physiologically appropriate him watch. It is proved that quality of sleep is much higher if he starts to 22.00. The most effective for relaxation sleep – which started before midnight.

Follow the rules

Thus, we have found that the sleep mode – this is not a trifle, and not a whim, which sometimes can be neglected. Stick to once and for all established order. He should be with you in the end – habitual.

What does “usual” for a person in the neurophysiological sense? This means that you have successfully coped with the development in themselves of the conditioned reflex. Formed a strong reflex – to fall asleep at a certain time.

how much should I take healthy sleep

Not so important, you'll sleep 6, 7 or 8 hours. How many hours a healthy human dream lasts, it doesn't matter, first of all, it needs to be timely. Do not deviate from the daily routine no weekend, no holiday. In this case, the breach is tantamount to destruction, and all applied earlier efforts may go down the drain. Stability should be the motto in the organization of healthy sleep.

Do Not overeat and do not starve

Do Not go to bed with a full stomach. There is a rule — is not tight in the last four hours before bedtime. Eat as much as you need for healthy sleep.

For dinner, try to avoid meat, spicy, salty, fatty and fried foods, they will not give you peace of mind at sleep and will leave its mark on the face next morning. Give preference to vegetable and fish dishes, stewed and boiled. Promotes sleep starchy foods: cereals, casseroles, pureed vegetable soups with cereals.

It is Not necessary in the evening to drink coffee and the caffeine drinks. Cocoa, chocolate, alcohol is also not conducive to healthy sleep. Their toning effect reaches its peak three hours after eating, just to the point of falling asleep.

Don't go to bed hungry. Hunger is not only “aunt”, he is – is not a celestial comrade Morpheus. It is impossible to endure the pangs of hunger so much, how many hours does it take sound sleep of man. It is not necessary to toss and turn under the rumbling of an empty stomach, make him shut up a glass of sour milk or yogurt. Beautiful, centuries-proven remedy is a glass of warm milk with a spoon of honey. A glass of warm oatmeal jelly with the juice of sweet berries and fruits will provide comfort to your stomach and will make it easier to sleep

Don't forget about the prelude to the dream

Get ready for sleep in advance. Force yourself to disconnect from everyday worries and problems. For an hour, half an hour before bedtime, take a shower or bath, spend Aramaeans or do relaxing exercises. Turn off the TV, computer, better read, or tie. Prelude to a dream should relax you, to transfer to a relaxing state.

how many hours of healthy sleep man

The Choice of methods for prelude to a dream is an individual. Pick the best option for themselves through trial, choose its optimal duration. Not so important, it will last for 10 to 40 minutes, or will it be a warm bath or phytochemical, it is important that it caused you positive emotions. The ritual needs to move gradually into a habit, you must develop a conditioned reflex – to sleep after the prelude to sleep.

Provide a comfort

In the dream the person is completely relaxed and nothing should interfere with him. The bed should be optimally comfortable. Need to pick up moderately elastic mattress, able to provide the desired support to the curves of the spine. Of particular importance is the selection of a pillow, because it provides the relaxation of the neck muscles during sleep. The blanket should be light and warm, big enough. Linen is preferable to choose cotton or linen fabric. Same in natural fabrics, should be underwear and nightwear. It should freely fit you without squeezing and without disturbing your healthy sleep. How many hours you will be able to feel comfortable in tight underwear, not correcting him during the day? Why all night to put themselves in the grip of a chemise with a corset or waist boxers?

how many hours of healthy sleep

Eliminate external stressors

You Know, people rarely change over night position, easy to Wake up early morning, feel a burst of energy. Those who sleep restless, tossing and turning, waking up in the morning, I feel overwhelmed.

Turns out, in the dream, we still respond to external stimuli. Sudden noises, flashes of light, drafts, awkward touch lying next to in bed husband, child, cats make us react involuntary movements. This disrupts the alternation of phases of sleep, destroying his cycle, dramatically reduces its quality. The next morning after a restless night one feels overwhelmed.

So try to give yourself a complete rest throughout the night. Closes the window, to exclude the influence of advertising and flashes of headlights of passing cars. Secure sash Windows, so as not to interfere slamming the window. Teach your pet the night to do without you. Persuade baby to sleep in his crib. Purchase a roomier bed to my husband not ...

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