V2V - what is it, and how to learn how to effectively sell without personal connections and kickbacks?


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In the modern world one of the most efficient forms of doing business is B2B. What is business to business, and what marketing tools are used in this segment? Talk about it in this article.

The Concept of B2B

The Term B2B, or business to business, means the way of doing business in which goods or services are sold to a legal entity, not the common consumer. Purchase decision in this case takes the group of people called B2B-center and the customer's choice is based on rational motives – to develop their own business. This is the fundamental difference between B2B from B2C – another way of doing business.

B2B what is

Different "universes" B2B - and B2C-sales

Not understanding the clear distinction between B2C and B2B (marketplace), it is impossible to manage them effectively. It's different universes, different methods and different results.

IN B2C, all actions directed at an individual, i.e. the average consumer, ready to buy something. Of course, not the last role is played by advertising. She encourages people to do shopping. Under its influence we're going shopping for entertainment, mood enhancement or confirmation of social status. We work to make you buy something, no matter – the food is, clothing or luxury items.

IN the B2B segment, the customer-legal entity, so there is no concept of “the pleasure of buying” and goals are set extremely rational – further profit.

Completely different motives influence the purchase of goods or services in these segments. For B2C characterized by the use of mass advertising, a major role is played by the brand that offers the buyer a certain status, he's willing to overpay. Not influenced by fashion, brand and personal relationships in the sphere of B2B. What is savings - the purchaser understands, since this depends directly on its profit. For it is more profitable to buy a product, which costs were not included costs such as advertising and marketing.


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Customers, in contrast to C-customers frequently outperform sellers in competence, moreover, they usually know the features of the market from the inside, as they work with one type of product, conduct tenders and are looking for the most favorable conditions. For them, advertising or branding will be simply ineffective, B2B-marketing – this is a much more complex special concept and technology sales to buyers who “all”. Will consider it in more detail.

B2B marketplace

Trust in B2B marketing

How to show their superiority against the competition and prove the contractor firm that you should deal with? In the field of B2B, what is trust, you understand very well to him and not to lose – one of the main ways to win the tender. How to do it?

First, you do not need to give empty promises, trying to stand out among similar firms. It was too high risk to justify himself, and thus harm their reputation.

B2B testimonials

Secondly, trust between companies can contribute to open “kitchen”, the company-seller. Show the client the structure, production, employees who will work on the project. Than clearer and more accessible will be the information, the higher the level of confidence will arise in relation to you.

Third, don't exclude B2B-reviews about your company, of course, if every positive statement is supplemented by phone number satisfied customer.

Be Sure to support the negotiation case study, i.e., real-world examples of successfully completed projects and fictional situations to demonstrate what you're willing to cope in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

None of the B2B marketplace is not without documentary confirmation, so be sure to prepare licenses, patents, and other necessary papers.

And most importantly - to prove the economic benefit to the buyer.

How to achieve a return on investment.

To achieve the ROI you need to justify to the customer the benefits of purchasing your product. Let's say your firm conducts trainings and provides training for various employees PowerPoint. To justify the economic benefits of the customer you need to know:

  1. How many employees will be trained in PowerPoint and how much time they spend on the program per week.
  2. What is the average work hour of the staff member.

Based On feedback from the previous clients know that working with presentations after training is reduced by half. Of course, the figure must be honest.

We Expect the benefit of the buyer and cost of services:

  • The cost of an hour of work – X;
  • The number of hours a week – Y;
  • After training – Y/2.

Savings: X*Y/2*4 (number of weeks in the month) * number of trained personnel. This figure may be a price for their services.

Don't forget to mention, how many months will pay off this investment for the customer.

B2B center

Directions V2V

This example shows one of the areas B2B – provision of services and assistance in the conduct of business. Moreover, these services can be absolutely different, from cleaning to auditing.

Classicforms of business-to-business are also integrated wholesale and sale to the purchasers, or their own dealer networks, corporate and government contracts, tenders.

The Benefits of V2V

What is “difficulties in business to business”, okay - this is a direct dependence on customers and the risk of loss is low margins. Talking about this reviews of professional managers. Now let's talk about the pros of this form.

  • B2B is not such fierce competition, as in B2C;
  • There are no big marketing costs, because the cooperation is more on personal negotiations and work of the seller;
  • A lot of insider information that can help to increase profits.

B2B marketing

In conclusion. B2B – the field of active sales. The more you act, the sooner you will form a database of your customers, and the sooner you will begin to make a profit.

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