Wine Chateau is a noble drink with a long history


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The Wine Chateau is a noble drink of French origin. This alcohol belongs to the category Grand CRU is confirmed by the official classification of Bordeaux wines in 1855, the year. Not surprisingly, wine Chateau is so popular among these aesthetes.

wine Chateau

Features of production

The First step is to note that the grapes used for the production of the drink, are selected carefully with each individual site. After collection it is subjected to a special process of fermentation in order to preserve the identity of each of the areas. Wine Chateau is unique in that in the process of producing preserved the original traditions, but, nevertheless, all of this is with the use of modern technology.

The Fermentation takes place in large vats, made of high quality natural wood of valuable breeds. Them in the wort for a certain time (usually the period is 18-25 days) macerated. This is the initial stage of production, and then a wine tasting and then poured into other containers. Next comes the second stage of fermentation, also called malolactic fermentation, and it is conclusive.

Wine Lafite quality score

Private note note red Wine château Lafite. Beverage: "Bordeaux", which is produced in the district of Medoc. This wine has gained its popularity in the territory of the Russian Federation in the late nineteenth century, and all because he was the main imported alcohol at the time.

In 1868, the year the vineyards of Lafite Rothschild acquired. This event did not go unnoticed, as they led to your loan the fact that Russia is obliged to import Lafite. And in considerable volumes. The result is that now the word "Lafite" is a synonym for any exquisite and expensive wines.
Today one of the most prestigious drinks is Chateau de VIN. Wine production is the embodiment of wealth, respectability and durability. Because this alcoholic drink is produced with 1868, the year and such period is a major indicator.


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Chateau de VIN wine

Brand Story

I Want to say that Chateau de VIN - a wine that has long been a trademark. For many years, the drink that produced by this company or became or ceased to exist, or simply were produced in smaller quantities. Others, however, reached the summit of its prosperity.

Interestingly, called "Chateau" wines are produced in the Krasnodar region. They are also very popular. These include wine Premium. They are produced from the grapes harvested on their own plantations workers wine holding "Ariant". And the most famous representative of the firm is a wine Chateau Taman. The key to their success is a carefully selected high quality raw materials. Grape production is processed by the best equipment from Italy, which makes it possible to produce great wine material. To reduce the acidity in the drink, in the process, use technology malolactic fermentation. Due to this, make the wine more harmonious and mild taste. And, most importantly, the whole production process is under strict control of highly qualified winemakers from France, from the champagne province.

 wine Chateau price

Bordeaux wine classics of the genre

This drink as wine Bordeaux (Chateau), today at the hearing that all people have at least a little familiar with alcohol. Well, you should talk about it. Bordeaux wines are made in the South-West of France, in the same area, in whose honor and was named this drink. Alcohol produced in this region, are made in compliance with the traditions that pass down from one generation to another. By the way, in Bordeaux vintages are engaged in more than ten thousand different manufacturers.

The best here are considered dry red wines. They are used with an excellent grape variety is Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon, etc. it is Interesting that the wines of Bordeaux is aged at least 50 years, with a maximum of one hundred. So it's not surprising the fact that this magnificent drink is a favorite among connoisseurs of high-quality and expensive alcohol.

 wine Chateau Taman

Drink wine connoisseurs

Well, now we can talk about individual drinks. Should start with the wine Carbone Rouge Pessac-Leognan. This drink, aged from 1989 year, manufactured in France, featuring a nice dark ruby hue and soft, like a "woody" taste. Got a bottle of this wine of about 13.5 thousand rubles. And that's a small amount that you can pay for Wine Chateau. The price of this drink varies depending on the grape variety, the duration of exposure, the country in which it was produced, and other nuances. One bottle of Chateau La Fleur-Petrus can cost about one hundred thousand rubles - if it was stored from 1989 year. There are others such as 2004, 2008, for example. But the wine is seven years of aging will not be cheap - about 45 thousand rubles. So like alcohol, it is the privilege of those people who can afford it.

Bordeaux wine Chateau

Cheap alcohol from the brand manufacturer

But in fairness it should be noted that there are more "budget options".

One of the inexpensive (at least, it can be called, meaning the Chateau) is the wine le Grand Vostock 2010, the year of production. High-quality and well-seasoned drink, to take fourth place in the list of the best wines of 2012 in the Russian Federation - it costs 2400 rubles.

But there are more cheap wine. Take, for example, château Dargo. The cost is 200 rubles, but we should understand that this is a young drink, almost without delay. It belongs to the classification of table, and it will be a great choice for lovers of such wines.

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