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Drain – excellent fruit. It contains in its composition a lot of useful vitamins, mineral substances, normalizes digestion, removes from the human body of various toxins. It is a pity that the plum season lasts only a month, and fresh fruit is stored for long. But don't worry: you can learn how to harvest canned for the winter. To make harvesting can be different. Today we will discuss plum pickled diner. This is one of the easiest and tastiest options.
plum marinated diner

Pickled Plum snack

This variant of the product is good as an appetizer, such as beef or chicken, and a spicy dessert. The recipe is quite complete without additional sterilizovanny, but if you're used to all the conservation strictly to boil, it is possible to do so. These pickled plums for the winter like everyone and will take a worthy place in a cooking book. Yes there for the winter – already before the New year the product can be eaten out!pickled plum in winter


Take a couple of pounds of good ripe plums, seven grams of sugar, Cup of vinegar, a Bay leaf sachet of black pepper (peas), a little allspice, a little cloves. Plums should be sweet and sour varieties, without any rot or dents. If we meet – ruthlessly remove from the General mass, as they can ruin the taste of all the others. And again, the fruit should not be overripe.

Cooking easy!

  1. Start with the fact that plums wash in running water and dry in colander. Next, the prepared fruit is spread in layers in a container. It can serve, for example, a wide enamel basin (or stainless steel). And each layer pour spices: Bay leaf, cloves, black pepper.
  2. Now prepare the marinade. Apple cider vinegar brought to the boil and the most soluble in the granulated sugar. By the way, at first it may not completely dissolve. But in the future let the fruit juices, and the marinade formed, its composition is homogeneous and thick.
  3. Next, the product pour the syrup (hot), closed with a clean kitchen towel and leave for some time.
  4. And now the most laborious part of this recipe. You should fill the fruit boiled marinade twice a day and to repeat this procedure a few days. That is, morning and evening, pour the marinade, boil it again and pour the plum. After 2-3 days the fruits release plenty of juice, and the marinade will completely cover them.
  5. Then pickled plum diner are placed to dry sterilized jars and pour boiled marinade. Close the lids and turn like a normal conservation. The workpiece covered with a warm blanket to cool. Check for a leak. Plum pickled for the winter ready! You can just taste the pudding. And you can be patient and open the jar to the nearest holiday. Delicious pickled plum diner use as a savoury snack or as a wonderful complement to roast meat, fish. These fruits can also be used in various pastries, desserts, as they have a sweet but spicy taste and specific aroma.pickled plum with garlic

How to pickle plums with garlic

These fruits, preserved and garlic, are quite delicious appetizer with strong spirits. This is probably the best recipe of pickled plums. They perfectly can be combined with any meat dishes, and the cooking method came from the national Hungarian cuisine. It is simple to implement – available to home cooks at any level.pickled plum recipe for the best


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Ingredients and preparation

Take two pounds of solid plum, about 10 heads of garlic, chilli peppers – pod-the other, a handful of allspice. Still need: fresh parsley and Basil – for a small beam, 9% vinegar – half a Cup, as much sugar, salt and water.

  1. Garlic divide into cloves and clean from the husk. This trick: it is desirable that the number of teeth correspond to the number of thefts. Much larger can be divided into equal halves.
  2. My Plums in running water. On top of a little incision to remove the stone. Remove it and this place is filled with cloves of garlic.
  3. At the bottom of the sterilized containers stacked spices: sweet pepper, pieces of sharp, Basil leaf and parsley. Fill jars with plums, stuffed with garlic. Put additionally hot chili pepper and a little parsley.
  4. Fill-filled conservation tank of boiling water. Allow to infuse for about half an hour or a little more.
  5. Again, pour the marinade prepared in advance in a large pot. This procedure is very convenient to use special lids on the jars - with holes.
  6. Add the liquid sugar with salt. Give the marinade to reach a boil and then add vinegar. This advice: before you start harvesting plums pickled diner add the vinegar a few sprigs of Basil. He will acquire a beautiful color and a great flavor.
  7. As a marinade to boil, pour it again on the banks. Cover with sterilized lids and behave as expected, according to the scheme of conservation.

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