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Every holiday we try to cook something delicious. Snacks on the festive table is not the last place. They are the holiday decoration. You can cook meat, fish, hot and cold snacks. Beautifully decorated dish will please not only your taste but also appearance. In our article we want to give you recipes of snacks on the holiday table.

Rolls of pita

One of the most popular snacks on the festive table is the pita bread with filling. First, recipes for such a dish is an incredible amount, and second, they prepared very quickly and simply. But on the table eateries rolls look very bright and festive.

We Offer you an appetizer recipe for a holiday table pita with salmon.


  • Butter (130g)
  • Salmon (330g),
  • Thin lavash
  • Green.
Pita bread with salmon

Salmon and butter grind using a blender. Add the greens. We got fish-oil mass. It lubricates the pita. Next, turn it into a log and cut into portions.

Appetizer with chicken

To prepare snack rolls you can use pita bread, but also pancakes. Such snacks on the festive table is always very popular.


  • Thin pancakes (12 pieces)
  • Mushrooms (320 g)
  • Chicken (430 g)
  • Cheese (280 g)
  • Butter,
  • Salt,
  • Hot sauce,
  • Pepper.

To prepare snacks on the festive table it is best to use chicken. It has a more delicate flavor, and therefore harmonizes perfectly with other products. Cut the meat into pieces and fry in a pan. Shredding cheese on a grater. Mushrooms also grind and roast it. Next on pancakes spread with layers of fillet, mushrooms and shredded cheese. Further, the ingredients pour the hot sauce and form rolls. Snacks put on a baking sheet and bake in the oven. Before serving a snack cut into slices.


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“Peacock tail”

Simple recipes of snacks on the festive table allow you to cook wonderful meals. One of these options can be “Peacock tail”.


  • Two tomato, cucumber and eggplant
  • Cheese
  • Mayonnaise,
  • Garlic
  • Salt,
  • Olives.
Appetizer "Peacock's tail"

Slice the Eggplant and place in a deep bowl. On top sprinkle them with salt and leave for some time, went to the bitterness. After the eggplant thoroughly washed in water and fry in vegetable oil. Ready blue spread on parchment or swipe to the left excess fat. Tomatoes washed and cut into circles. Shred cheese and garlic, mix them and season with mayonnaise. All the components prepared. You can now proceed to the design of the snacks. Take a flat dish and in it arrange the eggplant in a peacock's tail. On each slice spread a little blue slice of tomato, and it curd and a slice of cucumber. On top decorate with olives appetizer. The dish is put into the fridge for an hour, then put it on the table.

Mushroom Tartlets

In the category of simple snacks on the holiday table (photo in article) can be attributed tartlets with different fillings. Preparing this dish is incredibly fast, but the taste is not inferior to more complex appetizers. Tartlets convenient in terms of serving. A La carte snacks are always relevant at any event. That is why they are so popular not only in restaurants, but also ordinary Housewives.

Mushroom tarts

There are many options of fillings. Offer to cook the tartlets with the chicken-mushroom filling. This option snacks will complement any holiday table.


  • Cakes,
  • Mushrooms (340 g)
  • Three eggs,
  • Chicken (570 g)
  • Onion,
  • Mayonnaise.

Chicken, wash and put in boiling, lightly salted water. Boil the meat until tender. Eggs cook hard-boiled. Onions and mushrooms, wash and shred, then fry in vegetable oil.

Boiled meat finely chop and eggs – chop. All ingredients – mushrooms with onions, eggs and meat mix in a bowl and dressed with mayonnaise. If necessary, add a little salt and pepper. Their number depends on your taste preferences.

Cheese and sausage canapés

Snacks on the festive table with the photo given in this article will help you to diversify a range of ideas for the festive menu. From the same products with a good design can create a variety of beautiful and delicious dishes. Not the last role plays the design of snacks when serving. If in everyday life we do not bother appearance of food. On the festive table you want to make something special and beautiful. Even cheese and sausage can be an original issue in the form of tapas.


  • French baguette
  • Sausage sliced (90 g),
  • Cucumber,
  • Cherry tomatoes (branch),
  • Cheese toast (65 g),
  • Olives (preferably pitted, Bank).

The Recipe for a delicious appetizer for the holiday table (photo in article) is prepared literally in minutes. Baguette cut into portioned slices, not thicker than a centimeter. Slicesspread on a dry baking sheet and dry it in the oven. We should get French toast. Olives is better to buy, pitted, cut them in two pieces. Cucumber cut into thin slices, and tomato slices. Cheese can be sliced, and can cut glass the same circles. After all the products prepared, you can begin to assemble the canapés. As the basis will make croutons from a baguette. If you are not afraid to get better, you can put on the bread a little mayonnaise. On top lay a slice of cheese, then tomato. Next, take the skewers. Each of them take half maslinka, a cucumber slice and a slice with sausage. Stick the skewer into a piece of toast. Bright festive canapés resemble fairy boats with bright sails. In principle, the design of such snacks may be completely different. Here you can fully exercise your imagination.

Appetizer of ham and cheese

Ham and cheese you can prepare a simple snack on the holiday table.


  • Cheese (180 g),
  • Ham (180g),
  • Mayonnaise and garlic.

Shredding Cheese on a grater and mix it with finely chopped garlic. Mass dressed with garlic. Next, in each slice of ham put cheese and garlic a lot, turn it and fasten edges with a toothpick or skewer. A snack is sent in a cold place for an hour, then serve, although it can be consumed immediately after preparation.

Appetizer of ham and cheese

Despite the speed and ease of cooking, the dish is not only so delicious, but also impressive.

Canapés "Sailboat"

In the present without the canapés are not your thoughts, neither holiday table. what exciting options are not invented by the cooks. To cook a delicious and beautiful dish can be from many different products.

We Offer a great appetizer recipe for a holiday table with photos. To prepare canapés in the form of sailing ships we need:

  • Cheese (170 g)
  • Brown bread,
  • Sausage (280 g)
  • Carrot and cucumber.
Holiday canapes

First make a blank for canapés. For this snack is more appropriate to use brown bread. Cut from a workpiece, removing the crust. Cucumbers cut into circles. For canapés, you can use any sausage – boiled or smoked. Here the choice of product depends on your taste. Sausage cut into slices. Then proceed to the formation of the snacks. On the bread place the sausage, then a slice of cucumber. On skewers strung two slices of different sizes, bending. It will be a sail boat. Next, stick the skewer into the bread. And the top decorate with a slice of carrot (the flag ship). The food is ready.

Mushroom meadow

Appetizer Recipe for a holiday table with pictures probably will inspire you on creating such meals. Bright and delicious mushrooms look amazing on the table. And are prepared fast enough.


  • Cheese (130g)
  • Ham (170 g)
  • Three eggs,
  • Greens
  • Cherry tomatoes (12 pieces)
  • Two cucumber
  • Greens
  • Salt,
  • Mayonnaise home-made
  • Pepper.

For homemade mayonnaise:

  • Egg yolk
  • Vegetable oil (190 g)
  • Salt,
  • Clove of garlic
  • Lemon,
  • Tea spoon of mustard.

How to cook a beautiful and delicious starter for a festive table? The dish turns out much tastier if it is to use homemade mayonnaise production. It will start cooking meals.

Share the yolk and the white. Last put into a deep bowl. Whisk it with a blender, adding vegetable oil. Mass quickly thickens. After that, the mayonnaise add the mustard, chopped garlic, pepper and the juice of a quarter of lemon. Again all whisk blender.

Hard boil the eggs and cover them with cold water. After cheese and eggs shred on a grater and finely chop ham. All products mix in one container add a little salt and pepper. We filled the filling with mayonnaise. We should obtain a very thick mass. Her wet hands formed round balls. After wash out and cut into halves cherry tomatoes. Cucumber puree them in the form of circles.

Next, take a flat plate, on it put the greens, cucumber and on top of the workpiece. On each cucumber slice put a ball of cheese and egg, giving a slightly elongated shape. It will be legs of our muhomorchiki. Placed on top of the mushroom caps from the halves of cherry tomatoes. On them with a match or a thin brush, apply white dots of homemade mayonnaise. Delicious snack is ready.

“Quail nest”

“Quail nest” is a delicious appetizer for the holiday table. The recipe is incredibly simple.


  • Red onion
  • Chicken,
  • Pepper,
  • Paprika,
  • Salt,
  • Mayonnaise,
  • French fries
  • Three quail eggs.

Boiled chicken fillet cut into pieces. Similarly, grind the onion and sweet pepper. On a flat dish lay out lettuce leaves, the diameter of the spread the French fries in the form of a ring. And fall asleep in the middle of the salad with meat, peppers and onions. Vegetable weight mayonnaise. On top of the salad lay out three boiled quail eggs to the dish to give the similarity with this socket.


The Most delicious snacks and salads on the holiday table long ago included in the list of compulsory courses. Among them are everyone's favorite salad ‘Mimosa’.There are many recipes of cooking. We present just one of them. It is worth noting that the salad is loved by owners for ease of preparation and beautiful appearance. But the taste of food always pleases guests.


  • Onion (120 g),
  • Four eggs
  • Salt,
  • Carrots (230 g),
  • Potatoes (320 g)
  • Canned.

The Potatoes and carrots boil in their jackets until tender. After fill them with cold water. Onions clean and shred, and fill it with boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Of vegetable needs to come out all bitterness. Boiled carrots and potatoes RUB on a grater. Whites and yolks divide and grind separately. Open tins and drain the oil. Fish mash with a fork.

Salad "Mimosa"

Next, take a bowl. At its bottom lay the fish mass, top proteins. Add a little mayonnaise. Next comes layers of carrots, onions and potatoes. All components must be lubricated with mayonnaise. The top layer – the crushed egg yolks.

Salad “Tenderness”

In our article we tried to give you recipes of delicious snacks for the holiday table with photos. All they are good for any formal event. I would also like to recall the incredibly tasty salad with a beautiful name “Tenderness”.


  • Prune (120 g),
  • Chicken (280 g)
  • Three eggs,
  • Mayonnaise,
  • Walnuts (70g),
  • Cucumber,
  • Green.

Based On the chicken you can prepare a great variety of salads and appetizers. Dish “Tenderness” allows you to appreciate the beauty of the combination of the delicate taste of chicken meat with a spicy aroma of prunes. This salad will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially, it will appeal to all lovers of prunes.

Chicken fillet and boil in water. After cooling, cut it into small cubes. Eggs boiled hard-boiled, divide into whites and yolks. The second grate. And the whites finely chop with a knife.

Prunes are washed in running water and steamed in boiling water. After ten minutes drain off the liquid and re-wash. Prunes cut into small thin slices. With cucumber remove the skin and cut it into cubes. Nuts initially dried in the pan, and then finely whipped. Now that all the ingredients ready, you can proceed to make a salad. It can be placed in a large container or apply a La carte. In any case, the products spread layers, each of which is dressed with mayonnaise.

At the bottom of the salad bowl put the meat, then prunes, cucumbers, protein and walnuts. The top layer decorate with grated yolks. Salad put into the fridge for a couple of hours, it can be put on the table.

Appetizer with pineapple

The Salad with chicken and pineapple caught the fancy of Housewives. Without it is simply impossible to imagine the festive feast. Especially loved by children.


  • Pineapple (tin cans.),
  • Fillet boiled (380 g)
  • Cheese (145 g),
  • Onion,
  • Bank of corn,
  • Two eggs,
  • Mayonnaise,
  • Pepper.

It is Worth noting that for the preparation of meals are not necessarily strictly maintain all the proportions. The main advantage of the salad – it is a delicate and sweet taste. Boiled fillet cut into large cubes. Also shred the pineapple, cheese and onions. Hard boiled eggs do not RUB the grater.

Salad with chicken fillet

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients. There also fill canned corn. Salad dressed with mayonnaise and add ground pepper. If necessary, it can be a little salt.

Cucumber rolls

The most Delicious rolls can be made from cucumbers. For this dish you will also need a soft cheese.


  • Three cucumber
  • Capers (80 g),
  • Olives (80 g),
  • Soft cheese (180 g),
  • Green onions
  • Dill
  • Sour cream,
  • Salt.

For the preparation of rolls you need cucumbers cut along with peelers long slices. As a filling you can use any soft cheese – mozzarella, riccota, Suluguni, feta cheese and regular cheese. Softened cheese with a fork or grate it on a grater. Dill and onion finely and add to whipped curd.

Cucumber rolls

Next, cut the olives and capers and also add them to the stuffing. We filled the lot with sour cream or mayonnaise. From the filling with your hands roll small balls and wrap them in cucumber ribbons. To snack is not broke, it needs to be chipped with the help of skewers. Light and juicy rolls - a great low calorie dish.

Tartlets with salmon

Red fish – is the best decoration festive table. Its advantage is that dishes with it always come out consistently delicious and very beautiful. Appetizer of salmon is good because it would need a lot of fish.


  • Cakes,
  • Garlic
  • Salmon (180 g),
  • Cream cheese (230 g),
  • Dill.

Dill finely chop, garlic skip through the press, and salmon cut into small pieces. In a bowl mix all these ingredients and add the soft cheese. Knead the mass to have homogenous structure. Try it to taste. If necessary, you can add salt and pepper. Next, we need a pastry bagwide nozzle like a cream. Cheese curd is placed in it and fill the tartlets. Externally, the tarts turn out similar to cakes “basket”.

Tartlets with salmon

The Remaining salmon cut into strips, which formed rosettes. Each slice is decorated with this flower from fish. You can also add a small sprig of dill as decoration. It turns out very beautiful and spectacular appetizer. This dish will not remain without attention of your guests.

Instead of an epilogue

In our article we have given only a small part of the most interesting recipes of festive snacks. There are actually an incredible number of design options even very familiar salads and appetizers. With a little imagination, you can create a real culinary masterpiece. We hope that our selection will help you find something new and interesting.

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