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Successfully cooked roast goose – the decoration of any holiday table. However, many Housewives do not dare mess with this bird, after hearing stories about crow's tough meat. Really goose it has chicken or Turkey. He has heavier bone, thicker skin and much more fat. But its meat can be as tender as chicken, if you follow simple but important rules when choosing the carcass and cooking. Beginner better to start with the roasted goose in the sleeve, this recipe is easier and faster.


delicious goose

The Quality of the purchased meat directly determines the result. Of course, even the old goose experienced chefs using complicated manipulations can do quite edible and soft. But why risk your reputation as a good hostess, if careful selection of goose carcasses and knowing a few tricks to almost guarantee making a delicious roast goose in his sleeve?

The Perfect goose for roasting – a young bird, weighing 3-4 kg, which was not frozen. If the dish is cooked in a large company, you can take the carcass weighing six or more pounds. However, we must remember: the larger the goose, the longer it baked, the higher the risk of tough meat, the harder his bones. You also need to remember the funny things, when the bird simply did not fit in the oven.

The younger the bird, the more tender the meat will roast goose in the sleeve in the oven. The young goose soft belly and yellow legs, old – sternum solid, and legs — rough and red. Carcasses do not always leave the legs, especially in the shops, in this case, the age of the bird is determined by the sternum. It is necessary to press your fingers: if it is soft, like chicken means a young goose.


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Where to buy goose in hypermarkets or on the market? A matter of taste. In large stores strict control of product quality, wide selection and good prices, but the bird can be repeatedly subjected to freezing. There is a perception that it tastes best homemade or farmer's goose, grown on high-quality food without antibiotics and growth hormones. But here you can run into an unscrupulous seller, so you need to be very careful when buying.

The shop should first carefully examine the packaging. She had to be with a label indicating the expiration date, manufacturer and other things. The carcass itself must be healthy, not cyanotic, not to have ice, tapping a finger on the meat it should not be dented – this is a clear sign of frequent frost.

On the market it is better to become a regular customer of a reliable, honest seller. But if not, you need to carefully examine the goose and even smell it. Leather goose becomes stale lipoate, so cunning sellers wash it and dry wipe. To reveal this deception is possible, touching the skin under the wings, where to wash off sticky plaque harder. The attributes of quality birds: yellow legs; a waxy, yellowish tint to the skin; the soft tip on the sternum; normal smell no chemical and musty shades; elastic meat. A goose in his sleeve will surely get soft.

Goose baked in the sleeve


One of the most important secrets of soft goose meat is right and long marinating. Some Housewives make a common mistake by rubbing the carcass with spices for a couple of hours before you send it in the oven. But the goose is very different from chicken, which is easily and quickly marinated. Here a different approach: the longer the carcass is marinated, the tastier, softer and more aromatic will prepared at sleeve goose.

Experienced cooks suggest to keep the bird in the marinade in a cool place for at least twelve hours, preferably a day or even longer. To the smells and the tastes have deeper in the meat and sometimes make the cut. There are several methods of pickling:

  • Dry method: the goose carefully inside and outside is rubbed with a mixture of oil (very good olive), salt (at the rate of one teaspoon per kilogram of poultry) and a variety of spices to taste, wrap in plastic wrap and kept for at least ten – twelve hours. The oil in the marinating fatty birds may seem like overkill, but it has a very important role – the oil helps to penetrate the aromas and the flavors deeper into the meat.
  • In the liquid. Goose previously soaked overnight in clean water to which one liter of water add a teaspoon of lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar. An acidic environment makes the meat softer. Thus prepared the carcass and then marinated in a dry state.
  • In wine or juice. You can choose a combined option: RUB chicken inside and out with salt and favorite spices, put them in the bag, pour the cranberry juice or white wine and leave for twelve hours, occasionally turning the carcass. Marinated with wine and baked in the sleeve the goose is characterized by a savory taste and tenderness of the meat.
Roasted goose


In goes a lot of fat, so the filling was very welcome. They absorb is released when baking juice birds, make it less fatty, share with the goose with their flavors, and sour ingredients of the filling soften the meat. Carcasses large enough to hold enough for severalman the amount of garnish. Options of fillings are numerous: sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, prunes, apples, potatoes, mushrooms, buckwheat, oranges, rice, liver, dried fruits.

roasted Goose

How to roast a goose in the oven in the sleeve: the basic principles

  • Goose baked whole or cooked. The General gist is not changed. Whole bird looks prettier and more festive, it garnish more fully impregnated with the flavors of the bird. Portions are cooked a little faster, they are easier to eat, the hot carcass will not have to carve at the table.
  • Well marinated goose filled with stuffing for a maximum of two-thirds, because the products in the cooking process increase in volume, especially for cereals. In addition, inside the carcass gets a lot of fat.
  • Belly stabs with toothpicks or thread sewn. Legs are bound together so they don't take up much place in the sleeve, which is a few pinholes for air, so the film is not broken.
  • Cooking Time not precisely defined. There is a secret formula of calculation of time: for every kilogram of poultry – one hour of baking. But the goose in the sleeve in the oven cook faster, so for every kilogram of meat you can spare 45 minutes, and on top add another 30 minutes to form a crust. Readiness of meat is determined by the color of the juice flowing when you puncture. Transparent juice – the meat is completely ready, cloudy or blood – have the oven on.
  • Goose in the sleeve to better put on a dish or baking pan with the breast down, so that it flowed less juice, and put it in the oven initially heated to a temperature of 220-250°. So the meat is cooked for hours, then lower the heat to 180°, and for half an hour before end of cooking add the temperature to 200°, the sleeve is cut from the top to the carcass browned and acquired appetizing appearance.
Gus sleeve

Classic goose with apples (sleeve)

Product List:

  • Goose carcass;
  • Spices for marinating – personal taste;
  • Onion, carrot – one by one;
  • Apples – 5 pieces (amount depends on the size of the carcass);
  • Small lemon;
  • Head of garlic, black pepper, salt, Bay leaf.

The brewing Process

Take the carcass cuts, lard them with finely chopped onions, carrots and cloves of garlic. RUB the goose with butter, lemon juice, salt and spices, wrap in foil and marinate for twelve hours. Then the bird is two-thirds filled with whole small apples or peeled Apple slices, Bay leaf and pepper peas. The abdomen is sutured. A young goose with apples in the sleeve is baked in the oven for about two – three hours.

The Goose slices in the sleeve


  • Cut portions of the carcass;

For marinade:

  • Olive oil – 60 grams;
  • Mayonnaise – about 4 tablespoons;
  • Two eggs;
  • Spices for the marinade;
  • Mustard – 1 tablespoon;
  • Prunes – 50 grams;
  • Pepper, salt – taste.

This recipe appears in the sleeve in the oven is extremely simple, and the result is excellent. Simple and very tasty dish. The ingredients for the marinade mix, immersing them in the pieces of goose and leave to soak overnight. Then the pieces are placed in a sleeve along with a side dish and baked for about two and a half hours.

Goose with apples

Goose stuffed with buckwheat


  • Average goose carcass;
  • Spices and oil for the marinade;
  • Onion – 1 head;
  • Buckwheat – 2 glasses;
  • Apples – 2 pieces;
  • Lettuce;
  • Garlic & ndash; a few cloves to taste;
  • Salt & ndash; taste.

A Goose in his sleeve with buckwheat – a good variation of the traditional Russian dishes. Sleeve only simplifies the classic recipe. Grated spices, butter and garlic, the bird is marinated for at least twelve hours. Then the oil passiruyte diced onion added to it and fried five minutes half cooked buckwheat. It can be pre-boiled, and steamed with boiling water or just to fill the night with plain water. Buckwheat is mixed with slices of apples and leaves in the belly of a goose. Stuffed bird placed in the sleeve and is baked for approximately three hours.

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