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The Interview in English is an important stage, which could be the beginning of a brilliant career for the applicant. There are psychological and professional aspects which you should pay attention when talking to an employer.

Basic rules

All people aspire to create a social group where you feel most comfortable with. At the same time, it is not recommended to cross the line and copy the mannerisms and behavior of the interlocutor. You need to adapt and consider its mood. The interview requires some preparation, so it is important to consider possible questions that may ask by the employer.


It is Possible to prepare in advance a list of words and phrases that you will need for the interview. Usually asked the standard interview questions in English that require standard answers. Because to think of everything in advance is impossible, you must be ready to improvise. All the answers to the interview in English must have a neutral or positive connotation.

For a successful interview, you need to know professional vocabulary. Besides the fact that this knowledge will be useful in the process, they will help make a positive first impression. The applicant should learn as much as possible about the professional field and activities of the company in the market. Makes sense to see the competitors and of the firm in which the applicant wishes to get. A potential employer will appreciate the desire of the candidate to be aware of the latest news and innovations in chosen field of activity. In order for the interviewer felt an interest, the applicant should actively participate in the dialogue. The posture should be open, and the hands are placed on lap or table. Confidence and gives the appearance of a potential employee, so it is necessary to plan a business suit and the basic details.


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What to consider?

For many candidates will be the opening of that interview a little different from the interview in Russian. Therefore, for a successful interview, you only need a great desire and training. Typically, applicants are asked formulaic questions in English. However, many interviewers may include provocative questions that enable you to understand the degree of stress and creative thinking.

Important points

Before the interview in English, you need to know as much information as possible about the company and specifics of products. The information obtained will allow you to control the situation and to take an active part in the conversation. Factual statements will create a favorable impression.

The Applicant must show yourself as a qualified professional, possessing extensive experience and high level knowledge of the English language. Also the main success factors are confidence and competent self-presentation.

How to present yourself?

Many job seekers are lost during the answer to the most common questions. The story is one of the most important and pre-empting answers. It is important to subtly "sell" yourself to the interviewer with the best hand. It is not necessary to go into details and accurate biography of his life. The employer is interested in education, experience, specialty and personal skills that can be useful in the profession.

Excellent communication skills will be important for the sales Manager. Leadership skills, self-discipline and presentation skills will need applicants who desire to assume leadership positions. Talking about yourself, you need to concentrate only on those qualities that belong to the selected position.

a Competent self-presentation

Much depends on first impressions, so you need to consider to detail and appearance. During the interview the candidate needs to hold herself confidently and kindly. This is not to lose a sense of self-worth. It is not recommended to make many unnecessary movements that give a nervous condition. Also, the employer may see this as a manifestation of the stiffness. It must be remembered that a candidate for the position – is a high level professional with good knowledge of the language.

How to present strengths?

In answering this question it is necessary to choose the most desired and outstanding quality for the position. Accountant relevant to refer to high concentration of attention and accuracy, and the designer about the creativity and wonderful imagination. These skills need to be described in detail. The employer needs to see promising and positive employee. It is not necessary to embellish yourself and a long list of advantages. Result-oriented and high adaptability of the individual are the most sought-after qualities. An example of an interview in English we can think in advance and jot down on paper.

Strong personality

Inbusiness valued stress resistance and high performance in any situation where deadlines can't get out of balance. Positive quality and professional level will be crucial factors in selecting a candidate.


The Interview in English, usually includes a kind of test of adequacy, which includes questions about weaknesses and shortcomings of the candidate. Everyone has their flaws, so do not be afraid to answer this question. If the desired position is connected with constant communication, it is not necessary to talk about shyness. The desire to change for the better will be a great advantage for the applicant. You can also use the technique of transformation, which involves the conversion of lack of dignity. For example, self-criticism and perfectionism contribute to the ideal performance.

Weak side

When answering the question about their shortcomings need to speak very carefully and avoid sharp corners. You can use Union “but” to introduce weaknesses in a different perspective. Before the interview you need to practice the answers in front of family members or in front of the mirror. It is important to determine an acceptable rate of speech and tone of voice. You can use the recorder, which will allow you to work on diverse errors of speech. It is also necessary to pay attention to semantic expressions, and pronunciation of words.

Why the employer should select you?

This is one of the most popular questions which the employer asks the applicant. In answering this question it is necessary to list the many benefits that will help the organization to achieve certain goals. It is necessary to have information about the objectives of the company and directions of its development. Many employers try to ask this question in the most unexpected moment. It is also a test reaction in terms of unpredictability. The candidate should be ready for any surprises and to keep calm.

Why to choose

All employers have their own methods to identify the ideal employees for the company. When answering such questions, applicants should speak about your skills and willingness to continuous learning. A candidate must stand out from the crowd, so it is important to identify the unique qualities of self. They must boldly declare in the interview and reinforce relevant evidence.

Questions on last place of work

Similar issues can be attributed to the category of "slippery" so you need to be careful with the answer. Should not overreact to talk about a former boss. It is best to give an objective reason, not connected with any personal or financial relationships.

Questions for interviews

For Example, in the strategic development plans of the company were not part of the extension, so there was no advancement opportunities. As a neutral, the reasons can be moving to another city. It is not necessary to speak of failures, as a result of which the applicant was fired. Impartial hand of dismissal is best left to themselves.

Questions about the future

Many employers focus on the formation of the state, consisting of ambitious and self-motivated employees. Because the employer is interested in long-term employment relationship, it must be said about the desire development along with the organization. No need to name a specific position that the applicant wants to borrow. Also it is better to ignore the financial side of the issue. It is better to say about the new knowledge and skills in the company.

questions about the future

Most employers are interested in ambitious employees who want to develop. The main thing - do not overdo it and properly present yourself. You can talk about improving a specific aspect of working life that I would like to improve. The candidate should study the key information about the company. Learn the mission, goals and objectives of the organization, you can select the main points that resonate with the goals of the candidate.

Financial issues

Questions about wages can confound any candidate. Announced amount may be too low or too high. In this case it is not necessary to discuss the specific amount. Also it is not recommended to answer a question with a question, as this is an indicator of poor manners. You can Express a desire for career advancement, as well as the maximum realization of their skills. You can analyze average salary in the market and articulate it to the employer. Before the interview you need to understand your own expectations and minimum that we can agree.

What not to do?

The Negative reviews about the former boss and the team will put the applicant in a negative light. It is not necessary to take the initiative and ask questions about wages. Otherwise, the employer concludes that the candidate is only interested in the material component. The opportunity to promptly commence performance of dutieswill be a great advantage. It is therefore necessary to resolve all issues and settle the case prior to the date of employment.

Not to do

The Applicant needs to show their best side, so no need to talk in detail about their problems. Candidates who are dissatisfied in their own lives, become unattractive to the employer.

What not to say?

Answers at the interview in English should be as informative as possible. During the conversation, it is impossible to say: “I know”. Such responses significantly reduce the attractiveness of the applicant. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to think about and write down answers to basic questions. Any competitor can successfully pass an interview in English, examples of questions that can be asked, you already know.

As a rule, after the main part of the interview the employer asked about the possible questions of the applicant. This is a very important moment that must be seized. In order to pass successfully the interview in English, the recommendations listed in this article, it is important to observe.

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