Grappa: what it is, how to cook and how to drink it correctly?


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Sunny Italy gave to the world a variety of original alcoholic drinks. Among them, pride of place is and Grappa. What it is, how it correctly to prepare at home? What nuances exist in the use of this alcoholic beverage? On this and many other, not less interesting, we will tell in our article.what is Grappa

Grappa: what it is? A little history

Italian researchers wine and culinary silent about who was the first person who invented this kind of alcohol (presumably a half thousand years ago). Traditionally, the inhabitants of Sicily adopted this method of distillation from the Arabs. In any case, most likely, the author Grappa – the people, long in these places engaged in viticulture and winemaking. The fact is that the production of a variety of wines to leave out wastes, which also need to be disposed of somehow. And throw – sorry, the more Thrifty peasants could hardly afford such extravagance. So there was Grappa. What is it? The remains of the pulp after the production of wort, in the skin of grapes, bones, combs and even a little of the leaves and stems-all of it was in the course with a reasonable usage of wine-making waste for the distillation of folksy drink.Grappa what is it how to drink

Different countries method of cooking similar

The French – mark, Georgians – chacha, the Italians – Rappe, rasp, grasp, Grappa. The so-called grape pomace, in fact, already is waste. It and subjected to preliminary steam treatment, which occurs under high pressure. Then, the resulting mixture goes through a special fermentation process wine yeast cultures and sugar. After the product is distilled in special copper pot stills (alamiyyah) or in columns for the distillation with a continuous cycle. Actually, if to reject every national characteristics of the formulation, of Italian Grappa: what it is? In fact, the same drink that Georgian chacha, Peruvian or Chilean brandy made from grapes.

What we have by distillation

The Taste of Grappa is quite specific. Even the layman it is hard to confuse with any other. The resulting distillation "fire water" has a big fortress – up to 80% and above. But its usually not used, and diluted to 39-55 degrees. It is worth noting that the name grappa is awarded exclusively Italian original drink produced only in Italy and from local grapes. Other similar variations can't even pretend to be a famous world brand. This alcohol is protected by law (as, for example, Mexican tequila) – by the decree of the President of Italy from 1997 and the trade requirements of the European Union to the various brands and brands.


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Location name

It is believed that the name of their drink was named from mount Grappa (and the eponymous town of Bassano del Grappa) that are located in Italy. But, as already stated, a similar word in Italian also means grape pomace.Grappa reviews

Climbing brand

At First, this alcohol (as processed from waste products of viticulture) was exclusively the prerogative of the simple peasants and proletarians. But gradually the producers saw in him the creative and monetary potential, and the sturdy peasant drink starts its global journey. And soon Grappa is no longer anything, and the property and pride of the Italian nation! Increased the number of its variations. In the pursuit of improving taste, national manufacturers began to use less pressed oil cakes, juice content which is up to 40 percent! And the strength of the drink was reduced to 35-45 degrees, pursuing the same goals. Then, in the late 20th century emerged and the need for careful protection of the rights of grape drink. And no one in the world among connoisseurs of the original alcohol is not an idle question arises: "Grappa – what is it?".taste of Grappa

How to drink Grappa

By the Way, in Italy there is a tradition to drink this drink not only in pure form. So some people begin their morning with a Cup of espresso, which added a bit of Grappa. The so-called caffee corretto (corrected coffee).


So how to drink Grappa right? This drink-a digestif, which means that in Italy it is customary to drink after a hearty dinner (in contrast to aperitifs, which are mainly used to food). Will mistakenly serve chilled (like the vodka), ice. It does not allow him to reveal all its aromas and taste. For a young Grappa, is optimal temperature 8-10 degrees above zero. While a higher heat is not recommended – so as not to overwhelm the taste of the alcohol elements. More aged Grappa should be consumed at temperatures of 15-18 degrees. So they are the most delicious and fragrant. By the way, for data purposes many bartenders recommend the use of whisky stones (to long to maintain the desired temperature and at the same time not dilute the hot liquid). Then drink reveals subtle hints of Italian grapes, seathe sun and wind. Beginners tasting, not yet enlightened in the question “Grappa: what it's like to drink this kind of grape brandy”, can use these simple guidelines for to drink Grappa right

What to drink?

Serve Grappa in need snifter (special kinds of cognac glasses) or glasses for tastings on the legs (tulips). Fit glasses “how” for drinking white Rhine wines. The Italians themselves sometimes, as has been said, even use coffee cups, adding to the Grappa. However, in order to fully appreciate the flavour – most importantly – a subtle grape flavor of the drink, you need to take the base stem of his glass and sniffed the air slightly above the upper edge, breathing slowly.

At home

Every home winemaker who knows what the distillation process, can prepare a drink like Grappa. Reviews taste after your work will be positive and even enthusiastic, if you follow a few simple rules, it's originally – a peasant vernacular alcohol, and nothing complicated in its preparation no!Grappa how to cook

We need 10 liters of grape pomace in a semiliquid state, 5 pounds of sugar, 25 liters of purified water, 100 grams of wine yeast to make a healthy and delicious Grappa. How to cook it at home step by step?

  1. Raw materials we select not rotten, the grapes must be sour, to get the rich flavor.
  2. 50 litre capacity lay pomace. Water heated to 30-32 degrees, and fully dissolve the sugar. Pour the mixture into the container.
  3. Wine yeast dissolved in a small amount of warm water (not hot, and the yeast may die). Add to dishes to bulk. Stir the wort.
  4. Then begins the standard process of fermentation (3-4 weeks in a warm place). Braga needs to fully ferment.
  5. Then distilled as a regular brew, removing heads and tails. For “forest of tears”, you can make a double distillation.
  6. Next drink should be aged in oak barrels (but you can use other means, for example, oak sawdust) at least six months and can be used!

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