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Stuffed – a wonderful dish from childhood. This dish can be safely fed to the table instead of the usual burgers and chops. Holubec is a combination of both a main dish (this role takes care of the filling, usually meat), and light vegetables, namely cabbage, garnish. Many are faced with a problem: how to wrap the cabbage rolls. Consider a few ways to prepare this delicious food, and discover the secrets to make the process to wrap stuffed cabbage

Traditional stuffing

Before we deal with how to wrap stuffed cabbage, you need to think about what products we'll use as its filling. Usually in cabbage leaves add the ground meat, be it chicken, pork or beef. Sometimes chopped meat stuffing add cooked rice, carrots, onions, and various spices, like black pepper, Basil, coriander or garlic.

Original content

Currently, there are many variations of stuffing cabbage. Resourceful Housewives used to prepare filling of chopped egg and onion mushrooms in combination with corn and seasoned with ketchup. The stuffing also add buckwheat, kohlrabi, zucchini. Get delicious cabbage rolls, stuffed with some vegetables, for example carrots, seasoned with garlic and cloves, Some used as filling for stuffed cabbage noodles! Also cabbage leaf is added to a solid piece of meat, rolled into a tube and stuffed with blue cheese, walnuts and other Goodies. When cooking cabbage, you can safely experiment to wrap in cabbage leaf any, attributable you like the products. how to wrap cabbage rolls photo


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Choose cabbage

Now that we decided what ingredients we will use as toppings before returning to the question of how to wrap stuffed cabbage, you need to correctly choose the right us head out. For this dish it is better to use the leaves of young cabbage, because they are less dense and, therefore, will be more juicy and tender. Remember: the fresher and younger the head, the softer it will poof. To use cabbage leaves while cooking, you must cut them with a sharp knife from the cobs and boil in slightly salted boiling water. If you find a young head is a constraint, you can use the more dense and old vegetables. But be warned: the leaves of this cabbage must be carefully processed before cooking. First, in this case it is better to pay attention to the little cabbages. Second, leave in boiling water on a slow fire you need not separate the cabbage leaves, and vegetable entirely, and keep it there should be about 10 minutes. Only after that should you cut the leaves from the cabbage and remove coarse fibres or thick streaks. Some Housewives, in order to achieve greater softness from the cabbage leaves, treat them with a kitchen to wrap cabbage rolls photo gradually

How to wrap cabbage rolls: photo

Step by step look at how prepared cabbage leaf to wrap the selected toppings to the dish is not collapsed during the fighting. In this way prepare stuffed our mothers and grandmothers. First you need to put on the clean surface of a cabbage leaf. Now you need to put on it a little bit of filling. In our case it is ground with herbs. Place the filling better not centered, but closer to the base of the to wrap cabbage rolls photo

Now let's see how to wrap the stuffed cabbage in the cabbage. Begin to do it from the base. Folded it up and put on the to wrap stuffed cabbage

Now join the sides together to minced meat during further processing have not left the confines of the cabbage leaf.

And now back to the base. Carefully continue to wrap the stuffed cabbage, until you get to the top of the to wrap stuffed cabbage

Put the resulting pie in the utensils you need, pressing naughty edge cabbage leaf to the pan. how to wrap cabbage rolls photo

Some Housewives in order to be safe and avoid possible spread of Blu, connect it in the usual thread. After extinguishing the retainer is removed, and the dish can be safely to wrap cabbage rolls photo gradually

How to wrap cabbage rolls? A photo will show it clearly. Nothing complicated about it. Get a neat to wrap cabbage rolls photo

Master cones

Learn not only how to wrap the stuffed envelope, but will consider Bulgarian way of cooking this delicious food. So from cabbage leaves, stuffed with delicious filling, turned out the cone, we first need to cut it in half. It is desirable to remove the tough part. Get a small pieces of cabbage. We willto use when cooking cabbage. Some of the filling should be put on the leaf closer to the base. And now we begin to tighten our cabbage rolls, such as paper sheet, that is, take the middle yourself the edge and master cone. Now we have to wrap the edges of the cabbage inside the filling. Thus prepared Bulgarian stuffed cabbage.

Cabbage rolls

If you want to narrow miniature stuffed cabbage, then this recipe is specially created for you. Cabbage rolls, usually made with meat filling with the addition of rice and sesame seeds, traditional foods and sauces in Japanese cuisine. How to wrap stuffed cabbage so as to obtain the roll? First you need to create the filling. Better to roll it into a thin sausage on top and season with spices. Now the resulting mass should be spread on a cabbage leaf thus, as shown in the photo. how to wrap stuffed cabbage

A special Feature of this preparation method is that twisted holubec not from the base to the curly part, and from one side to the to wrap a stuffed envelope

It Turns out long and thin holubec. You can gently tuck the protruding edge of cabbage to wrap stuffed cabbage


We have considered several ways how to wrap cabbage rolls. Photos of the finished dishes are also included. What to do next? How to cook cabbage rolls until the end? Before eating the resulting envelopes, cones or rolls, they need to be put out. This will need a deep pan. The bottom it better to completely cover chopped vegetables such as carrots, bulb onions, peppers, and various herbs. There also add sour cream and butter for softness dishes. Now should be spread on a vegetable pillow for our cabbage rolls, add a little water. Stew should be simmered. Until cooked cabbage, you should wait about an hour. The duration of the suppression depends on the products that you used as a filling.

 how to wrap cabbage rolls photo

So, if the stuffing was added uncooked rice, then leave the cabbage in the fire there for a half hour. If the filling is easy, for example, a vegetable, it is enough for 25 minutes. Bon appetit!

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