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Cucumaria is often produced in the far East and virtually unknown in other parts of Russia. She lives in the Barents, Okhotsk and Japanese seas. The East is considered a true delicacy because it has not only excellent taste, but also very useful. Description and prescription of cucumaria (or rather, cooking) you will find in our article. We hope you enjoy this delicacy.cucumaria useful properties

Cucumaria: useful properties

About cucumaria as the storehouse of nutrients necessary for health (vitamins, minerals, and precious amino acids, proteins), today, say doctors and scientists. They develop drugs that will enter it Cucumaria (class Holothuroidea). For those who have, for example, low immunity or a weak heart can help cucumaria. Useful properties can be listed for a long time. Will focus on the core. So, cucumaria:

  • Helps to strengthen the immune system;
  • Good for the heart;
  • Inhibits malignancy;
  • Has a beneficial effect on the liver and kidney;
  • Normalizes the endocrine system and the thyroid gland;
  • Reduces sugar (recommended in diabetes);
  • Allows you to enhance sexual activity;
  • Useful for connective tissues, joints, and nervous system.

The Use of marine life the proverbial. The Japanese, for example, argues: “a good night's sleep will prolong life for three days, from cucumaria — for a month!”how to cook cucumaria

This Looks like a denizen of the sea is quite unusual. The elongated body has undergone recent changes and became almost spherical. Color or dark purple (usually), or brown.


This feature will be useful for those who always strictly watching their weight. Calorie cucumaria — 35 kcal. While protein in it 84 %, carbohydrates-0% fat-16 %.


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Average "sea cucumber" weighs about 300 grams. Cucumaria can be quite simple a separate dish, and part of the complex. How to cook cucumaria, see below.


You will Need: 240 g Arborio (rice), 140 g zamorzhennye cucumaria, 80 g shallots 80 g of celery, a clove of garlic 160 g Parmesan cheese, 40 g carrots, 40 g butter and 50 ml olive, 380 ml red wine (dry), 50 ml of the paste of tomatoes, 0.5 liter of broth (homemade chicken), 5 g parsley, 4 stems thyme salt to taste white ground pepper.

recipe cucumaria

And now — the prescription of cucumaria. Two-thirds of the thawed pulp “sea cucumber" cut into strips. The remaining third chop cubes. Cut into slices the carrots and celery. Chop shallots. All this fry, adding chopped garlic, half the thyme and tomato (use for frying butter). The fire should be as small. The contents of the pan should potomitsya 10 minutes, then add 60 ml of wine and a straw from cucumaria. Continue to simmer until the contents has evaporated by half. Remove from the heat and allow to infuse cucumaria (at least an hour). Meanwhile, chop the remaining onions and thyme, fry them together with the rice in the oil from the olives. Add the remaining wine and again evaporate, adding cubes of cucumaria. Portions (definitely evaporating each) pour in the chicken broth. When it is evaporated and added to a mixture of pre-grated Parmesan. Sprinkle with salt, pour in the cream and remove from heat. Left to spread out the risotto on plates and decorate it with greenery.

Cold meats

This recipe cucumaria is one of the easiest. It is also called skoblyanka with meat. The only negative is that it takes a lot of time, so as to prepare cucumaria takes a long time. “Sea cucumber" cooking will require a minimum of four hours. So, for meats you will need: 500 g of boiled cucumaria, 500 grams of meat, one-third Cup of fresh tomatoes (juice), whole large onion, garlic, and favorite spices (optional). If you already have boiled cucumaria cooking meats takes less than an hour. Meat cut into strips, onion-half rings. It all fry (while stirring) for seven minutes. The fire must be small (so it doesn't burn). Now — the meat. Cut it into the stripes (the same size as cucumaria). Fry, put in a saucepan, then add the tomato, a little water and simmer. Cooking time will depend on the meat: for beef enough hours for pork — 40 minutes for chicken — 30 min how to cook cucumariaThe Meat is stewed until it is soft. Now it can be prepared earlier "sea cucumber" and spices. All this stew for three more minutes. Served with potatoes and vegetable salads.

Salad "seafood"

Will Appeal to those who love seafood. Prepared quickly, but the main thing — it is very useful and in some cases acts as a “Viagra” because in his composition — is a real mixture of aphrodisiacs. What do we need? Seafood: shrimps (already cleaned), mussels, squid, boiled cucumaria (only 200 grams), garlic (couple of large Zubkov), medium onion, sweet pepper (whole), vinegar (two teaspoons is enough), a third glass of wine (only dry white), the same of cream, pinch of sugar, herbs, spices (optional), salt, a little olive oil (for frying). How to cook? Rinse thawed seafood and drain the water. Meanwhile, chop the onion, grind pepper and garlic. Fry it together with onion and garlic (a couple of minutes, not more). Chop the seafood (so that the pieces were about the same), also the frying pan. dishes from cucumariaSalt, pepper, add sugar and wine, stir and simmer, without covering with a lid for five minutes. With longer heat treatment squid will be tough. If you want to achieve a more delicate taste, try adding cream and a bit of soy sauce. However, it is — a matter of taste.


Cucumaria Meat itself is prepared at least four hours. In order that each time not to waste time, you can boil it once, in large numbers, and then divide into portion and freeze. In this form it is stored for about a month and did not lose taste and quality. In each recipe cucumaria you can make changes. Experiment!


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